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Category:OPE (Outdoor Power Equipment)
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Location:Warren, Michigan, United States
Innovative Turf Solutions

TurfEx is a leading manufacturer of equipment solutions for the turf care industry. From spreaders and sprayers to brooms and dethatchers, the entire TurfEx line of products is designed to meet the needs of lawn care professionals, from grounds maintenance and sports turf pros to golf course superintendents and nursery operators – even homeowners.

TurfEx’s mission to construct the most efficient and productive turf and lawn care equipment on the market has led to several innovations: polyethylene construction, fully electric-powered designs, articulating hitches, auger feed systems, and more. These cutting edge changes have resulted in products that are unlike anything the industry has seen before.

Since designing the original low profile spreader with a poly-constructed hopper, SweepEx has not rested on its original success. Instead, they have used it as motivation to set more milestones along the way.

TurfEx is your source for state-of-the-art turf and lawn care solutions.

Manufacturer’s Products

  • Ride On Spreader
  • Spreaders
  • Sprayers
  • Zero-Turn Mower Attachments
  • Accessories & Mounts

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Ride On Spreader & Sprayer

TurfEx’s ride-on spreader & sprayer isn’t just a spreader/sprayer combination. It’s the most efficient way to care for turf. TurfEx has created a lightweight, compact machine with all the features that turf care professionals need.spread and spray

TurfEx has loaded the ride-on spreader & sprayers with the precise application technologies you want. That’s the TurfEx philosophy.


Turf Care Sprayers: The TurfEx line of sprayers is the perfect complement to your turf maintenance program. The sprayers are electric powered, lightweight, and with the sprayers’ 50-foot hose on a 100-foot capacity reel, the operator has ample room to move around, performing spot spraying applications. TurfEx is your source for turf care sprayers.

Push Sprayers: TurfEx’s push sprayer models are completely electric powered, lightweight, and easy to use. A push sprayer makes spraying fertilizer, pesticides, or other liquids easy. Trust TurfEx for all your push sprayer needs.

Equipment Mounted Sprayers: Liquid fertilizer, herbicide, and pesticide spraying have never been easier than with an equipment mounted sprayer by TurfEx. These equipment mounted sprayers are available in both skid mount and zero-turn mower mount styles to meet your needs. TurfEx is your source for high quality equipment mounted sprayers.

Portable Sprayer: TurfEx’s portable sprayers are ideal for a variety of home and garden applications. The high quality portablportable sprayerse sprayers utilize a sealed diaphragm pump to reduce the chance of leaks. Portable sprayers make applying weed control, fertilizer, and pest control simple. Trust TurfEx for all your portable sprayer needs.

Zero-Turn Mower Attachments

TurfEx offers a full line of zero-turn mower attachments to maximize the productivity of zero-turn mowers. TurfEx zero-turn mower attachments feature lightweight, non-corrosive polyethylene construction, and all powered attachments use electric drives and controls, which run off the mower’s battery. Also, the ground-engaging attachments use a patent-pending hitch that articulates to accommodate ground contours. Furthermore, every attachment utilizes a universal mounting system that easily fits on most makes of zero-turn mowers.

Accessories & Mounts

TurfEx Mounts: TurfEx mounts allow you to mount your spreader or sprayer onto a tractor, zero-turn mower, utility vehicle, trailer, or truck bed. Get the most out of your TurfEx products with the proper spreader & sprayer mount. TurfEx has all the spreader & sprayer mounts you need to care for turf.

Turf Boxes: TurfEx completes its full line of products with turf boxes. Turf boxes are made of high-density, UV-protected polyethylene, meaning they are weather-resistant, lightweight, and noncorrosive. The heavy-duty construction allows the turf boxes to hold spreading materials, equipment or anything else a turf care professional needs to store. Turf boxes also include lockable lids for added security.

TurfEx’s Broom Attachments: TurfEx’s broom attachments are practical and highly productive solutions for cleanup and grooming needs. They deliver the same results as rotary brooms, but without the flying debris. And since there are no moving parts, both cost and maintenance are kept to a minimum. When the broom bristles need replacement, the brush sections easily slide in and out of the housing.

Why TurfEx?


TurfEx is bringing change to the turf care industry with new features designed to make you more productive. For instance, they offer fully electric drives, distinctive polyethylene designs and patented material feed systems. These are just a few of the innovations they have brought to the market…and are just getting started.


TurfEx offers a full line of equipment to meet many needs, containing plenty of mounts and accessories to attach their products to a variety of service vehicles. It’s all designed to help you make the most of your equipment dollars.


TurfEx is committed to offering the most productive equipment on the market. This means that these products don’t just work well, they’re built to last. The equipment is simple, providing long service times and requiring minimal maintenance.

Environmental Responsibility

TurfEx’s electric-powered equipment uses no fuel or oil. That means that there is no chance of fluids leaking onto the turf, and there are no fumes emitted into the atmosphere. Even more, this equipment is designed to waste nothing, so you don’t leave excessive amounts of material behind on the turf.

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