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FOGCO Fog and Misting Systems


Category: Fog and Misting Systems; Outdoor/Indoor Cooling; Climate Control; Dust Suppression; Pollution Control; Humidification; Odor Control
Regions/Markets Represented: Middle East, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean
Location: Chandler, AZ, United States

With over 30 years of commitment to innovative product development and ongoing customer service, FOGCO Environmental is recognized as an industry-leading manufacturer of high quality fog and misting equipment for residential, commercial, and industrial markets. They offer a wide range of permanent and mobile products for indoor and outdoor cooling, humidification, dust suppression, and odor control applications.

Dorian Drake International is the international sales and marketing representative of FOGCO fog and misting systems in select territories.

Industry Pioneer in High Pressure Fog and Misting Systems

Founded in 1989, Fogco has established itself as a leading manufacturer in the fog industry. The company designs and manufactures high pressure systems for customers worldwide and provides full service system design and specifications.

Fogco provides integrated solutions for commercial and industrial climate control projects. Applications include humidification,
dust/odor control, and indoor/outdoor cooling.


For Industrial, Commercial, & Residential Markets


Fogco FogCannon®

Designed for the commercial & industrial dust suppression, humidification & cooling markets.

The Fogco FogCannon® products control dust at the source by emitting extreme air velocity with large volumes of fine water droplets that physically capture and push dust to the ground, completely suppressing it from the air in virtually any site and under virtually any condition.



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This range of high-performance fog cannons provides the ultimate solution for total dust and odor suppression as well as indoor humidification and indoor or outdoor cooling. The product line includes High Pressure (HP), Light Duty (LD), Heavy Duty (HD), Extreme Duty (EX), and the Custom Duty (CD) design. The range can be used both indoors or out and provide throws from 50′ to an extreme distance of 500′.

Fog Technology Solutions Have a Broad Need

Revolution Humidification Fan Ceiling Mount

Range of cooling and humidification fans

The Fogco range of outdoor misting fans includes both humidification and cooling fans designed to achieveWindchill Patio Cooling Fan uniformed distribution of the mist and improved absorption of moisture.

All Fogco fans require the use of a high pressure 1,000 psi pump to achieve ideal performance.

The Fogco product range includes the WindChill patio cooling fan; the Revolution and Revolution II humidification fan; and the Evolution and Evolution Mini humidification fan.

Pulley Drive PumpsBroad range of high-pressure quiet misting system pumps

Fogco offers a broad range of 1000-psi high pressure quiet misting systems. From their economical direct drive pump to their fully customized units, all of their whisper-quiet mist pumps are built with  high-quality components and have a proven track record of over 25 years.Direct Drive Pumps


This makes the Fogco range of pumps the most protected and highest rated pumps on the market. Fogco backs that up with an industry-leading 5-year warranty!


Fogco ControllersControls designed specifically for cooling and humidification

Fogco’s humidity and temperature controllers are all proprietary in design. They have been developed by Fogco specifically for cooling and humidification control using a misting system.



Slip-Lok Fittings used in industrial applications for over 20 yearsSlip Lok Fittings

The Fogco proprietary line of industrial slip-lok fittings are rated at 1,500 psi. These slip-lok fittings are the highest quality in the industry and carry a full 10 year warranty. The options include pre-welded stainless steel in 10 foot or 20-foot lengths, pre-soldered copper in 10′ lengths, or flexible nylon (up to 500′ lengths) and slip lok fittings.


Dorian Drake International - Burton Medical - Lighting Equipment

Interested in becoming a distributor or want to know where to buy FOGCO fog and misting equipment?

Dorian Drake International is an Export Management Company with a mission to build distribution for FOGCO Environmental in select markets. Dorian Drake and FOGCO jointly intend to work closely with our distributor partners in creating demand for products in both the acute and sub-acute markets.

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Are you a distributor looking for high-quality fog and misting systems to regulate air temperature and humidity levels, control odor, suppress dust, or add special effects to pools or patios? FOGCO’s commercial, industrial, and residential misting systems can be used in a wide variety of applications. Contact Us!



Manufacturer Website: www.FogCo.com