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Category:Hardware Products
Regions/Markets Represented: Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Pacific, Middle East & Africa
Location:Winchester, Virginia, United States

Dorian Drake’s Hardware, Lawn and Group is the sales and marketing representative of the Melnor brand of products in its markets.

Based in Winchester, Virginia, USA, Melnor Inc. is one of the leading producers of lawn and garden watering products in North America.  Synonymous with innovation and high-quality, Melnor is continually committed to a tradition of providing exciting products that will satisfy every homeowner¹s needs.

Dorian Drake’s affiliation with Melnor and its high quality product offering goes back to 1990. With a goal to be the first in innovation and customer satisfaction in the lawn and garden market, Melnor proudly offers a complete range of above-ground watering products that offer the consumer innovation at a good value.

Manufacturer Products/ Equipment

Watering equipment, sprinklers, aqua guns, hose reels, automatic water timers, snow shovels.

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For more information, speak to Melnor authorized representative from Dorian Drake International. For additional information contact us.

Manufacturer Website: www.melnor.com