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Dorian Drake International is a proud representative for Encore

Bigger, Faster, Stronger, Encore is Here with Full Force


Category:OPE (Outdoor Power Equipment)
Regions/Markets Represented: Europe, Latin America & the Caribbean
Location:Beatrice, Nebraska, United States


Dorian Drake’s Hardware, Lawn & Garden Group is the sales and marketing representative of Encore, a division of Worldlawn Power Equipment, Inc., a premium line of commercial mowers. Since 1988, Encore has served the mowing industry with a full line of high quality mowers that get the job done right the first time. With easier maintenance, precision blade alignment, and tough durability plus an industry leading warranty, Encore strengthens your hand and protects your investment.

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Rider Mowers:

Encore’s Rider Mowers Series were built with high quality heavy duty components, that maximizes the durability of the equipment and simplicity of any job. The versatility of Encore’s Rider Mowers each offer specific standard features complimented by details that make routine maintenance much easier on machines that are priced right.


  • #11 ga. fabricated steel
  • Electric clutch
  • Integrated Final Drive

  • Hydro-Gear Transmissions
  • R.O.P.S. standard
  • Triple layer spindle support
  • Discharge, mulch or collect



  • Long life, maintenance-free spindles
  • Side discharge, bag, or mulching capabilities
  • Easy-to-operate controls
  • Zero turning radius trimming ability
  • Wide track rear wheel base
  • 3-year residential parts and labor warranty
  • 90-day commercial warranty
  • 10-year limited deck warranty

  • Articulating mid-cut deck
  • PTO drive shaft system
  • Dual pumps and wheel motors
  • Long life, maintenance free spindles
  • Heavy steel frame with reinforced deck
  • 3-year limited parts and labor warranty
  • 10-year limited deck warranty



  • Powered by Kawasaki FX series engines
  • 14 gallon fuel capacity
  • 10-year limited deck shell warranty
  • Triple laminate cutter housing mounting

  • 34″ floating deck
  • Small footprint so you can fit more on the trailer
  • 6-gallon fuel capacity
  • Commercial quality seat with armrest
  • Adjustable steering levers
  • Foot pedal height adjustment


Walk Behind Mowers:

With pinpoint maneuverability and more speed, it’s no wonder why Encore’s Premier Walk Behind Mower Series can make any job operate with ease. With a smart design, tough construction, and an even cut there’s a reason why these mowers are of great value. The Hydro Series includes easy-to-operate controls that allow sharp turns with ease across any terrain. The Belt Series comes in many sizes for every job, including large rear tires for maximum traction and heavy duty front casters for maneuverability.

 Hydro Drive Mower
 Belt Drive Mower

  • Positive locking tooth & sprocket brake
  • 6.5 MPH forward speed
  • 5-gallon fuel capacity
  • Sharp turning radius trimming ability
  • 3-year limited parts and labor warranty
  • 10-year limited deck warranty

  • Positive locking band brakes on belt drives
  • 5.0 MPH forward speed
  • 5-gallon fuel capacity
  • Sharp turning radius trimming ability
  • 3-year limited parts and labor warranty
  • 10-year limited deck warranty


Stand On Mowers:

The Rage stand-on machine combines the flexibility and safety of a walk-behind mower with the speed and precision of a sit-down rider. The ergonomically designed, contoured operator pad and easy flip-up, shock absorbing platform are examples of the focus given to operator comfort. The Rage will give you a professional cut without having to pay the professional price.

Rage – Stand on Mower

  • 32″, 36″, 48″ and 52″ floating deck
  • Walk or ride
  • Powered by Kawasaki engines
  • Parker HTE transaxles on 32″ and 36″
  • Dual pumps and wheel motors on 48″ and 52″
  • Fold-up operator platform to convert to walk behind and easy storage
  • Height adjustment knob for a precise cut on 32″ and 36″
  • Remote Discharge Control (RDC) is an option on 32″ and 36″ model

Attachments & Lawn Equipment:

Encore’s Attachments and Lawn Equipment provide the added touch-ups for every job. Cut those big jobs down to size with the Tracer tow-behind. Pull it with an ATV/UTV, or use the adjustable tongue angle to cover twice the area behind your existing mower. With a floating deck and a pivoting tongue, you will get a smooth cut over nearly any terrain. With the Power-Thatch, you can get down to the root of the problem. With 26 blades and 5 height settings, clearing out small roots, leave, grass clippings and other small vegetation has never made work so easy.

 Power Thatch

  • Convenient single point hand-crank allows more precise cut length.
  • Adjustable tongue angle means you can offset the mower to the left or right.
  • Pivoting tongue to handle all types of terrain.

  • Five height setting
  • Hardened steel blades


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For more information, speak to an Encore authorized representative from Dorian Drake International. For additional information contact us.

Manufacturer Website: www.encoreequipment.com