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Weiman Products, LLC

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Category:Hardware Products
Regions/Markets Represented:

Weiman/Wright: Europe/Middle East/Africa with exception of Israel, UAE and South Africa.     Select markets in Latin America and Asia/Pacific.

Goo Gone/Magic/Natural Magic/Oops/SCI/Gonzo: Europe/Middle East/Africa with exception of Israel and the UAE. Select markets in Latin America and Asia/Pacific.

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Location:Gurnee, IL, United States
Experience the Good Feeling of Clean wherever you see Weiman


Dorian Drake International is a sales and marketing representative of the Weiman Products, LLC brands in many of its markets.

Weiman Products has been beautifying homes since 1941. Located in Gurnee, IL, Weiman Products manufactures specialty cleaning products, with industry leading brands, such as Weiman, Wright’s, Goo Gone, Magic, Stone Care International, Natural Magic, OOPS!, and Gonzo.

Quality, convenience and innovation define each and every Weiman product.  Weiman has a broad range of product categories, and strong brand equity geared for distribution worldwide.


Manufacturer Brands

Weiman logo on Dorian Drake website


Weiman is the most recognized, trusted brand in premium surface care for consumers who value preserving, protecting and beautifying their homes. Weiman products enjoy top status among fine furniture restorers, interior decorators, leading museums, embassies, craftsmen and antique experts worldwide.

The Weiman brand has grown into an extensive collection of cleaning and polishing products, such as cleaners for:

Stainless steel, glass, glass cook top, gas range, “granite, marble & stone countertop care,” washing machine, leather, furniture,Graniter Cleaner and Polish electronics, “silver, brass & metal,” jewelry, bathroom, “floor & carpet,” and specialty (adhesive remover, fabric & upholstery, candle wax remover, red wine stain remover, appliance cleaner).

Recognized as the leading brand of specialty cleaners and polishes, Weiman® is constantly improving and updating its  product line to offer top-quality, affordable solutions for the home and for expert restorers worldwide.


Wright's logo, a Weiman Family Brand


Polish your silver and clean your brass, copper, silver, and jewelry keepsakes with Wright’s, a Weiman family brand, of polishing creams, cleaners, and removers. Wright’s polishing creams, metal cleaners, and tarnish remover can make your everyday items look like new, including pots, pans, chrome, and even your kitchen cook top!Wright's Silver Cream

Wright’s has helped people clean and polish their fine metal, silver, brass, copper, jewelry, chrome, and cook tops for five generations. Wright’s premium products will help you achieve the brightest shine – whether you’re polishing the family silver, your favorite copper pan, or your treasured jewelry. Discover some other intriguing uses for Wright’s Silver Cream such as polishing your motorcycle’s chrome or fixing scratches on your CD or DVD collection!

Wright’s products include: brass cream, copper cream, jewelry cleaner, cooktop cleaner, tarnish remover, silver cream, brass polish, copper cream sponges, and silver/brass sponges.


Goo Gone Logo on Dorian Drake International


Learn how to remove almost anything. From stain removal to sticker removal and everything in between, Goo Gone has the right formula and tools for any job. If you’re looking for a product that will answer the question of how to remove anything from gum and wax to grease and sap, you’ll find it in one of the Goo Gone products.Goo Gone Pro Power

Goo Gone®, a Weiman Products, LLC brand, is a leading brand in Tough Task Removers! These products quickly defeat the toughest sticky, gooey, gummy problems around your entire home – without harming the surface below. Weiman has developed specific cleaners and removers targeted at tough tasks in the following categories: sticky/surface blemish, whole home (kitchen, caulk, and grout), grill/outdoor, paint & project clean-up, industrial/janitorial, and automotive/garage. Goo Gone products combine Scientific Technology and Citrus Power to defeat the toughest sticky, gooey, gummy, problems without damaging the substrates and surfaces of the things you love.

Natural Magic logo on Dorian Drake International


Natural Magic products eliminate unwanted odors. They go beyond masking odors by permanently neutralizing tough, airborne odors. Natural Magic eliminates odors via an oxidation process which breaks the Natural Magic Odor Magnetsulfur bonds responsible for odors and replaces them with a pleasant scent that leaves your space smelling fresh!

Product categories for Natural Magic, a Weiman Products, LLC brand, include odor absorbers, odor eliminators, specialty pet-related.


Magic logo on Dorian Drake International


Magic® with Stay Clean Technology™ provides consumers with specialty surface cleaners for the kitchen, bathroom and more. Their proprietary Stay Clean Technology™ leaves behind a transparent surface coating polymer that actually repels dirt, water and stains, and helps surfaces resist future staining. Magic’s unique +1 formula is fast and efficient, combining performance and value, so consumers enjoy more time for themselves and less cleaning. Magic products makes achieving great results easy & effortless!Magic Shower Glass Cleaner

Magic products, also known as Magic American, are made of the right formulas for the right surfaces. They are powerful dirt, grease, and grime removers that protect and preserve your surfaces. From stone care to leather care, and everything in between, Magic American has the solution you need.

Magic, a Weiman brand, has the following product categories: bath & kitchen surface cleaning, bath and kitchen accessories, leather surface cleaning, stainless steel surface cleaning, stone surface cleaning, tile/caulk & grout, and wood cabinets & wood surface cleaning.


Gonzo logo on Dorian Drake International


Gonzo’s line of stain removers and odor eliminators are safe for your family and your home. Our unique cleaning products effectively remove stubborn stains and carefully clean surfaces that other Gonzo Pet Stain Removerbrands just can’t match. Shop today and see the difference that Gonzo can make in your home.

Gonzo, a Weiman Products, LLC brand, has the following product categories: stain removal, red wine stain removal, pet stain removal, and odor eliminator.


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Oops! is a fast acting paint remover and stain remover that’s perfect for any home, office, or garage. It quickly and effectively works to remove stains you thought you’d never be able to remove. Oops! paOOPS Paint Removal int remover and stain remover work where other paint removers and stain removers have failed.

OOPS! is a Weiman Products, LLC brand, and features products for paint and stain removal in liquid and spray form.


SCI logo on Dorian Drake International


SCI®, Stone Care International, offers a full line of specialty solutions for the Care, Maintenance and Protection of natural and solid stone surfaces.SCI Stone Care Remover

Founded in 1994, SCI has a long history of success in developing and delivering high-performance stone care products that enable DIY consumers to protect and maintain their investment for years to come. SCI, a Weiman Products, LLC brand, offers easy-to-use stone sealers, cleaners and polishers for residential and commercial applications. SCI products deliver superior performance and help preserve the beauty and durability of stone surfaces.


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Weiman Products, LLC Purchases 6 Homax Brands

Experience the Good Feeling of Clean wherever you see Weiman.

In early 2014, Weiman Products LLC, an Illinois-based manufacturer of specialty cleaning products, purchased 6 brands from the Homax Group Inc. including, Goo Gone®, Magic American (Magic®), Natural Magic®, SCI (Stone Care International®) , Gonzo Corp (Gonzo®) and OOPS! Paint Remover.

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Manufacturer Websites: www.weiman.com