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Big John Tree Transplanter Manufacturing, Inc.

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Category:Landscape Maintenance & Construction
Regions/Markets Represented:Worldwide, except the United States and Canada
Location:Herber Springs, Arkansas, United States

Dorian Drake’s Hardware, Lawn & Garden Group is the sales and marketing representative of the Big John brand of tree-transplanter equipment in its markets.

Since 1976, Big John’s Tree Transplanting equipment has been part of relocating millions of trees all over the World.  Dedicated to the design and production of the best, most durable and functional tree transplanters anywhere, Big John’s mission is tempered with the constant pursuit of quality and customer satisfaction.

Continued international sales growth is the leading driver for Big John’s effort of discovering new ideas and improvements to sustain its position as the leader in the manufacturing of tree transplanting and transporting equipment.    Although always striving to make the best machines on the market, customer satisfaction remains the one and only priority.

A patented treespade with curvilinear towers and four spoon shaped blades is the founding innovation making it possible for a tree to be removed from one site and then transplanted at a new site positioned at any angle of display. Possible thanks to the circular hole that these four spoon shaped blades achieve, the sequence of the digging procedure of the four spoon shaped blades are responsible for anchoring the machine on the ground while the digging takes place.

Long-term relationships with generations of dedicated BIG JOHN customers have produced several product improvements and many new ideas resulting in the latest active research and development at BIG JOHN today.

Manufacturer Products/ Equipment

Truck loader transplanters

Big John offers various high-quality and heavy duty truck-loaded tree transplanters.  There are models that appeal to nurseries and landscapers, but also several models geared to moving professionals that are designed and built to move large trees.  Big John requires that all trucks for the Model 100 be double framed.

Trailer mount transplanters

Big John offers three high-quality trailer mounted transplanting solutions. Trailer mounted machines are sold frequently to governmental agencies, municipalities, and universities in order to allow them to operate a tree transplanter without confining a truck chassis. Review the available spec sheets on this page for further information. Big John currently manufactures a full line of larger loader-mounted models.

Pod trailers & free standing pods

From the model 42, the most durable 4-Bladed production digger you can find to the rugged and heavy duty model 100, Big John’s equipment features all of the rugged design characteristics that make Big John’s Tree Spades the most sought after machines on the market. Most models are flexible enough to be mounted on a myriad of host vehicles including skid-loaders, wheel loaders and track loaders. These machines are used to transport multiple numbers of trees at the same time. The free-standing pods are very useful for temporary storage of rootballs and trees on the job site. Big John has a machine for you.



Big-John offers the highest quality, most user friendly and durable equipment to the tree moving industry. However, striving to make the best machines on the market, customer satisfaction remains the chosen priority.There have been world wide attempts to copy Big John’s design, but their quality remains unchallenged.  Rely on BIG JOHN to meet your tree moving equipment needs.

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