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GeoRipper® by MiniTrencher

Handheld Trencher by GeoRipper
Category: Commercial Handheld Trenchers, Portable Trenchers, Irrigation and Landscaping Trenchers, Concrete Saw Handheld Trenchers, Electrical and Fiber Optic Trenchers
Regions/Markets Represented: Worldwide, except USA, Canada and China
Location: Washington, USA


GeoRipper Handheld Trencher

You’ve Never Seen a Trencher Like This!

Dorian Drake’s Hardware, Lawn & Garden Group is the sales and marketing representative of GeoRipper® minitrencher commercial handheld trenchers in select international markets.

GeoRipper was launched in 2016, and the reception has been tremendous, with positive word-of-mouth positive word-of-mouth from contractors, installers, electricians and others in both the construction and lawn & garden industries. If you are in the landscaping, irrigation, hardscapes or trenching business, choose the most powerful precision handheld trencher in the market!


Decrease your Labor & Increase your Profits!

GeoRipper® by MiniTrencher offers commercial portable handheld trenching attachments that are perfect for electrical, irrigation, fiber optic, landscaping edging, dog fencing, plumbing installations, erosion control etc.

Georipper Handheld Trencher

‣  Self-sharpening digging teeth for tree roots up to 76mm in diameter ‣ Operate with EZ Kart for longer and consistent digging
‣ Works in every type of soil ‣ Digs up 700mm deep & 50mm wide
‣ Rapidly digs with little turf or ground disturbance ‣ Weighs as light as 15kg

Ditch the shovel and get the minitrencher that can reach everywhere others can’t!

GeoRipper®T/A Trenching Attachment

Handheld Trencher GeoRipper Trenching Attachment

MiniTrencher’s CE approved, Made in USA GeoRipper®T/A trenching attachment is specifically designed to convert your new or existing concrete saw into a GeoRipper® handheld trencher in just 5 minutes! Converting the GeoRipper® minitrencher back into a concrete saw is as easy as reversing the process creating a 2-in-1, multi-use tool.

The GeoRipper®T/A is compatible with some of the most popular powerhead brands including select Makita®, Husqvarna® and Stihl® concrete saws. The GeoRipper®T/A comes fully equipped with the EZ Kart by MiniTrencher, trenching adapter, digging bar, two digging chains, a safety bar and a newly upgraded dirt deflection system.

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GeoRipper EZ Kart for handheld trencher

For Easiest Operation, Use an EZ Kart!

Purchasable with every GeoRipper®T/A

The EZ Kart allows the GeoRipper® handheld trencher to be used on longer runs of 8 meters or more, making long distances easier on the operator’s joints and back. The two-point connection system adds versatility to the GeoRipper®T/A trenching attachment.

The EZ Kart puts the trencher closer to the ground, allowing the blade to go into the ground faster and with less occurrences of rocks being ejected towards the operator. The new safety bar attaches to all trenching attachment models creating a protective barrier between the operator and the digging chain. The redesigned dirt deflector moves soil and rocks down and away from the trench, keeping spectators and property protected from errant rocks or flying debris.



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Interested in becoming a distributor for MiniTrencher’s GeoRipper® or would like to know where to buy their handheld trenchers?

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