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The Homax Group, Inc.


Category:Hardware Products
Regions/Markets Represented: Worldwide, except the United States and Canada
Location:Bellingham, Washington, United States
We Make Tough Tasks Easier

Dorian Drake’s Hardware Lawn & Garden Group is the sales and marketing representative of the Homax brand of products in its markets.

The Homax Group is a consumer products company that is dedicated to Making Tough Tasks Easier. It offers top home care brands such as Tile Guard ®, Homax®, and Squirrel Mixer®. They deliver their products through retail channels across North America and through trade partners globally to bring innovative solutions to the consumer and growth opportunities to their partners. The Homax Group is wholly owned by Olympus Partners.

Providing trusted home improvement solutions for contractors and do-it-yourselfers, Homax’s extensive line of innovative products make complicated, time-consuming projects faster and easier without compromising results.

For Homax, success has come organically, where great ideas turned into great products. It has also come from striking key relationships with long-term partners and making sensible growth decisions. Their mission is to deliver innovative products of exceptional quality and value, and back those products with excellent service for the consumer and their trade partners.

Pros and DIYers trust Homax for reliable home improvement products that deliver professional results. With our advanced formulations and superior delivery systems, Homax continues to hold the number one brand position in the aerosol wall and ceiling textures category. They also offer a full range of interior patch and repair solutions, as well as kitchen & bath restoration products.

Manufacturer Brands


The Homax brand of products brings the latest innovations in quick home improvement solutions. Get professional results with products for wall & ceiling textures, patch & repair, kitchen & bath, and sundries.

Wall & Ceiling Textures: Easily repair popcorn texture ceilings without a gun and hopper. Homax’s patented line of aerosol ceiling textures delivers fast, professional results in less time and with less mess than traditional methods.Prograde Wall Texture

Patch & Repair: Easily and quickly repair wall damage with Homax’s selections of wall patches that creates a strong permanent repair on smooth, textured, curved or uneven surfaces.

Kitchen & Bath: From caulk tools and strips to tub, sink & tile refinishing, even touch ups, Homax offers all of the tools and seals you need for your kitchen and bath caulking jobs.

Sundries: Homax offers a variety of sundries to get your home improvement jobs done quickly and efficiently, such as Rhodes American steel wool, North America’s leading brand of steel wool and abrasive pads. Also featuring the Homax branded Squirrel Mixers, the fastest paint mixers on the market. This paint mixer is designed to mix most viscous materials in 5 to 10 gallon containers. Other products are available, such as wood touch up, paint products, and other outdoor products.

From creative to patching jobs or touch ups, Homax has the home improvement products for your job.

Tile GuardTile Guard Premium Penetrating Sealer Stone

As a long-standing manufacturer of many home products, Tile Guard is a respected name in the field of stone care products. You can be confident that the products you choose will be safe for your surfaces. Tile Guard products are formulated for all stone and tile surfaces. Ideal for the kitchen, bathroom, foyer and patio or wherever you have valuable surfaces, protect and maintain them with Tile Guard products.

Tile Guard ® is a premier brand of The Homax Group, Inc. offering sealers, cleaners, grout care and problem solvers for various stone care surfaces, such as granite, marble, travertine, and others.

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Manufacturer Website: www.homaxgroup.com

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Weiman Products, LLC Purchases 6 Homax Brands

Experience the Good Feeling of Clean wherever you see Weiman.

In early 2014, Weiman Products LLC, an Illinois-based manufacturer of specialty cleaning products, purchased 6 brands from the Homax Group Inc. including, Goo Gone®, Magic American (Magic®), Natural Magic®, SCI (Stone Care International®) , Gonzo Corp (Gonzo®) and OOPS! Paint Remover.