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Woodstream Corporation

Category:Hardware Products
Regions/Markets Represented:Worldwide, except United States and Canada
Location:Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States

Dorian Drake’s Hardware, Lawn & Garden Group is the sales and marketing representative of the Woodstream brands of products in its markets.

Woodstream is the leading manufacturer of quality-branded rodent control products, caring control products for pets and wildlife, natural solutions for lawns and gardens, wild bird feeding products and outdoor living decor. Woodstream combines category leading products with technology and service to solve the business needs of the retailer. Woodstream’s ‘go to market’ strategies are structured to help you optimize inventory levels, maximize sell through and grow profitability.

Woodstream serves the Lawn and Garden, Birding, Pet, Rodent Control, Hobby Farm, and Animal Control needs of consumers. Woodstream has a consumer-driven approach to product development, focusing on innovation, quality, safety and a commitment to an industry-leading level of service to retailers and consumers. Focused on a niche market with the authenticity and integrity this educated consumer recognizes, Woodstream Corporation added organic and or environmentally friendly products to our portfolio. Woodstream Corporation has taken a pro-active approach in reaction to the upswing in society’s desire to preserve our environment and wild animals.

For over 150 years, Woodstream has brought innovation to consumer solutions. Manufacturing over 2,500 unique products, Wood stream is known for recognizable brands such as: Victor, Havahart, Safer Brand, and Fi-Shock, among others.

Manufacturer Products

Woodstream excels in the manufacturing of mouse/insect/gopher traps, animal shelters such as bird feeders, cages, dog crates & doors and a wide variety of products for lawn and garden. For more information, review some of Woodstream’s major brands below, such as Victor, Havahart, and Fi-Shock.

For more information, speak to the Woodstream Corporation authorized representative from Dorian Drake International. For additional information contact us.


The world leader in rodent control solutions.victor brand

The leader in Rodent Control Solutions, Victor carries the rodent control products you need, including mice poison (called rodenticides), ultrasonic rodent repellents, electronic mouse repellent and rat repellent products, as well as rodent traps.

Victor® revolutionized the rodent control market over 100 years ago with the invention of the spring-based Victor® Mouse Trap. Today, they continuously strive to manufacture innovative, quality products that keep your family safe from the dangers rodents pose. Their current product offerings are targeted to meet the varying needs of you, the consumer! So, whether you are attempting to prevent a rodent infestation or trying to fight one, there is a product to fit each and every situation.

Trusted Mice Control and Rat Control Products

More Than Just Rat Traps, Victor’s trusted rat control and mice control product lines include our tested rat traps and mouse traps.  Some of these include Victor® Easy Set® Mouse Traps, Easy Set® Rat Traps, Metal Pedal Mouse Traps, and Rat Traps.  Other popular rodent traps are Power Kill Mouse Traps, Power Kill Rat Traps, as well as Quick Kill Mouse Traps.

Humane Mice Control

Victor also carries Humane Mouse Traps for catch-and-release mice control.  These rodent traps allow for mice control without killing the mice.  What makes these some of the best mouse traps is that you don’t touch the mice to release them.

Electronic Pest Control

Leading through innovation, Woodstream carries the Victor® brand of electronic rat traps and electronic mouse traps for rodent control, featuring ultrasonic rodent control products. The Ultrasonic Repellents have been tested and proven to repel rats and mice.

Victor is a registered trademark of the Woodstream Corporation.


Caring Control for Pets and Wildlife

Havahart is a leading manufacturer of caring control products for wildlife. Havahart® has been recognized and trusted by consumers for over 60 years. By offering animal repellents and live animal traps, Havahart® covers a wide spectrum that truly is caring control for wildlife. Havahart thrives to provide constant technology and functionality updates directed to increasing ease of use and safer animal handling.

Havahart is sensitive to the growing need for a cleaner, healthier environment! Many of their animal repellents are OMRI listed® organic or USDA® approved for organic gardening.

Live Animal Trapshavahart trap

Remove unwanted critters the most humane way with a Havahart® live animal trap. Havahart has been the leading manufacturer of humane live animal traps for over 60 years. Havahart’s innovative animal traps are highly effective and easy to use, even for novice trappers. Havahart offers a wide variety of animal trap types to meet your specific animal control needs.

Havahart animal traps have been trusted by consumers and professional trappers because each trap is:

  • Durable: High tensile wire mesh, steel reinforced for a long life
  • Safe for You and Wildlife: Rolled metal edges and snug fitting doors eliminate sharp surfaces and gaps that may harm the animal.
  • Proven Effective: Extensive field testing – spring loaded, super fast doors
Try Havahart® Easy Set® Humane Animal Traps

Try the latest innovation in making catching critters easy with the new Havahart® Easy Set® humane animal trap products. A popular choice among animal control experts, these effective and safe animal traps enable you to set and release with only one hand. The full hand guard provides an added measure of protection during the release. Be sure to check with your state game commission or local humane society for rules regarding wildlife relocation in your area before releasing. The handle on top makes it easy to transport the captured animal and allows you to hold the trap away from your body for additional safety.

With a choice of 1-door, 2-door and collapsible models in small, medium and large sizes, Havahart® Easy Set® traps can be used as humane mole traps, groundhog traps or for capturing virtually any type of nuisance critter. The sturdy, rust-resistant construction ensures these safe animal traps will continue to meet your animal control needs for a long time to come.

Eliminate Unwanted Pests Once and for AllHavahart

Don’t let invading critters ruin your garden, dig up your lawn or endanger your pets. Get rid of nuisance animals on your property the humane and reliable way. Order a live cage trap from Havahart today for effective animal control.

Havahart® Animal Repellents

Small animals can cause large headaches when they choose to call your property home or decide to stop by frequently to raid your garden for a snack. And you can be sure that if you see one animal scampering across your lawn, its relatives aren’t far away.

Prevent little critters from eating your flowers, vegetables and bird feeder seeds with a Havahart® animal repellent! Havahart offers animal repellents that effectively control many different kinds of critters, including squirrels, deer, rabbits, cats, and dogs.

Havahart® Repellents Are Easy to Use

Havahart designed the critter repellent products to be easy to use. The need for infrequent application simplifies the animal control process and keeps your repellent costs low. All of their products come with easy-to-follow instructions, so even first-time animal repellent users can apply them effectively. You can use the time you save by using these products on other lawn care or gardening chores.

Havahart® Products Are Backed by More Than Six Decades of Experience

When you purchase a Havahart® yard or garden repellent, you get the benefit of more than 60 years of animal control experience. Their innovative products are used by animal control professionals, gardeners, farmers and homeowners everywhere, as they are consistent and cost-effective animal control solutions.

Havahart® can help keep the critters out of your yard. Order an effective and humane Havahart® animal repellent today!

Electronic Animal Repellents

Havahart® offers a variety of electronic animal repellents that work to keep all types of nuisance animals away. Choose a Spray Away™ motion-activated repellent to deter animals with water and sound, or the Electronic Deer Repellent to lure in deer and give them a discouraging shock.

Havahart® can help keep the critters out of your yard. Order an effective and humane Havahart® animal repellent today!

Havahart® is a registered trade mark of Woodstream Corp.


One Source for All Your Animal Containment Needs

Fi-Shock is the one source for all your animal containment needs. Fi-Shock has the quality supplies you need when you’re ready to build a wireless fence. Fi–Shock’s electric fence systems are ideal for farms, pet enclosures, livestock, swine and horse containment as well as for farm, garden and pond protection from predators and other wildlife.

Fi-Shock® Electric Fencing can help to easily and economically keep animals in or out designated areas with temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent fencing. Use it for pasture management of horses, swine, or livestock; for pet containment of dogs and rabbits; or to deter nuisance and predatory animals like deer, skunks and coyotes.

Fi-Shock® electric fences are a safe and effective solution to your animal containment and control needs, and an economical alternative to conventional or barbed wire fencing. Recognized as a world leader in electric fencing, Fi-Shock® provides cost effective, superior quality electric fence supplies and kits. This includes electric fence chargers (controllers / energizers), electric fence wire, insulators, and components.

Why Choose Electric Fencing?electric fencing

An electric fence is a safe, cost-effective way to keep animals in and out of specific areas. The low voltage electrical pulse that animals feel is short and sharp; just enough to control the animal by creating a psychological barrier that trains them to stay away from the fence. The overall cost of electric fencing is also significantly lower than other types of fencing like wood or vinyl.

The type of fence you need depends on the type of animal you wish to contain or repel. Fi-Shock® can provide electric fencing that will keep in, or keep out cattle, horses, goats, sheep, chickens, pets, deer, predators, and nuisance animals.

Electric Fence Chargers

Choose from AC, DC (battery), or solar-powered electric fence controllers. Our digital guides and resources can help you determine which charger is the right one for your needs based on the power you need and the length of the fence.

Electric Fence Wiregarden and pet fence

We offer a variety of affordable options for electric fence wire, including steel and aluminum wire, poly wire, poly rope, and poly tape. We also offer high-tensile electric fencing wire.

Electric Fence Insulators

Choosing the right insulators will ensure your fence is running at optimal performance by preventing your wires from touching the posts. We provide plastic and porcelain insulators for a variety of post styles, including T-posts, wood, round, chain link, and corner posts.

Using an Electric Fence for Temporary Fencing

Fi-Shock®’s temporary fence options are the perfect fit for anyone taking advantage of rotational grazing, or needing to temporarily keep a pet or pests out of their garden or growing area.

SAFER BRANDsafer brand

One Source for All Your Animal Containment Needs

Safer® Brand proudly offers the broadest and most successful line of organic gardening, organic insecticide and organic pest control products reviewed and validated by third parties. Those growing an organic garden are looking for organic pesticides, more specifically insect killer to eliminate common garden pests but use a product that does not leave harmful residuals. Since regulations restrict the use of the term organic pesticides on products, resources such as OMRI® and the USDA National Organic Program can give gardeners peace of mind knowing the product they are spraying in their organic garden is certified organic.

plant disease control products at competitive prices. Their organic products are targeted to meet the varying needs of you, the consumer! So, whether you are an experienced gardener or novice, there is a product to fit each and every situation.

1)    Lawn Care Program: A beautiful lawn delivered to your door. An organic lawn program, now with double the coverage. The Safer® Brand lawn care program makes growing a lush lawn easier than ever before.

2)    Indoor Pest Control: It’s organic, it’s effective, it’s Safer® Brand. OMRI listed insecticides, fungicides and herbicides.

3)    Organic Vegetable Gardening: Safer® Brand products carry the OMRI® Listed Certification for use in organic gardens. Shop our insect control, disease control and a great variety of accessories!

4)    Hydroponic Gardening: OMRI® listed gallon concentrate Insecticides and Fungicides for Large-Scale Growers. Safer® Brand now offers its effective formulas in gallon-size concentrates. OMRI® Listed and compliant for organic production.

Organic Gardeners Love Saferbrand.com

Safer® Brand carries the natural gardening products you need for your organic garden, lawn and houseplants. Their insecticides and herbicides are all natural, containing no synthetic or man-made chemicals.  Safer® Brand boasts the largest array of OMRI® Listed products on the market, allowing for a healthy organic garden.

Whatever your organic gardening needs are, Safer® Brand can help.

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