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Category:Landscape Maintenance & Construction, Beach Cleaners
Regions/Markets Represented:

Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Baltics, Poland & Russia)
Africa (Egypt)
Asia (India, Indonesia & Vietnam)

Location:Naugatuck, Connecticut, United States

Dorian Drake’s Hardware, Lawn & Garden Group is the sales and marketing representative of the Barber brand of equipment in its markets.

A family owned and operated corporation, H. Barber & Sons, Inc., is principally located in Naugatuck, Connecticut USA.  Barber is the leader in beach cleaning technology and the largest manufacturer of beach cleaners in the world. Manufactured in the USA, all products are of the highest quality and dependability.

Barber produces the most efficient beach and debris cleaning equipment available, selling more beach cleaners around the world than any other brand. The Surf Rake’s ability to clean a variety of beach conditions and its reputation of quality and dependability has earned H. Barber & Sons the distinction of being the leader in beach cleaning technology.

Manufacturer Products/ Equipment
  • Beach cleaners & sand cleaners
  • Stone pickers
  • Litter collection equipment

Beach cleaners & sand cleanerssand rakers

For over 45 years, Barber’s beach cleaning equipment has been the world leader. Barber has tractor-towed and walk-behind beach cleaner models for all beaches and conditions. Their beach cleaners easily remove unwanted seaweed, small materials, shells, stones, rocks, sticks, and man-made debris from wet and dry sand with ease.

  • The world’s most popular beach cleaning machine, the Barber SURF RAKE, is used in over 40 countries on 5 continents.
  • The Barber Sand Man is the premier walk behind sand sifter that effectively cleans smaller sandy areas with ease.

Barber beach cleaning machines are effective in removing beach pollution such as seaweed, fish, glass, syringes, plastic, cans, cigarettes, shells, stone, wood and virtually any unwanted debris. They are even used to effectively remove oil and tar balls from beach sand after oil spill disasters.

Stone pickershow barber works

TURF RAKE® Stone Pickers are used to level the work area and remove rocks, sticks, stones, and other debris in one pass. A variety of models with multiple soil grooming applications, including stone removal, seed bed preparation, de-thatching, ball field cleaning, and horse arena purification are available.

TURF RAKE® Stone Pickers

  • Grades rough or scarified soil
  • Removes stone, sod, roots, sticks and similar debris
  • Aerates the soil- leaving a gently harrowed area
  • Tines penetrate the soil digging down to remove buried stones ensuring thick top layer of stone free soil

TURF RAKE stone picker are used for:

  • Site work for schools, hospitals, industrial buildings
  • Golf course fairways, greens, driving ranges and new or rehabilitation construction
  • Roads, highways and parkways (median strips, berms, shoulders, clover leafs, etc.)
  • Recreation areas, including ball parks, picnic areas, horse rinks and race tracks

TURF RAKE stone pickers are used by site contractors, landscape contractors, highway contractors, park departments, golf course builders, and horse farms, among many others.

Why should you use TURF RAKE® Stone Pickers?

  • To cut hand labor costs – the TURF RAKE stone picker can quickly do the work that previously took many men and many hours of hand raking.
  • Simplify mechanical methods – the TURF RAKE stone picker in one pass removes stone, elevates the debris to a hopper at the rear, levels uneven areas and leaves the surface ready for planting all in one pass.
  • To cut material costs by grading to fine tolerances.
  • To cut warranty costs and call backs due to bad or thin spots.

Litter collection equipment

Barber’s LITTER PICKER excels at removing litter from grass surfaces while simultaneously dethatching. Utilizing their patented tine raking technology, BARBER has designed litter collection equipment for the safe and efficient removal of debris from grass areas and paved surfaces.

  • Use the Litter Picker for grass and turf cleaning.
  • Use the Road Rake for large roadside debris on paved surfaces. Barber’s Road Rake removes large roadside debris from roads, highway medians, and jersey barriers.

Truck-towed and tractor-towed models are available for all applications, such as, highway shoulder cleanup (retreads, mufflers, etc.), highway median cleaning, parking lot maintenance, sports field cleaning, and dethatching.

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Manufacturer Website: www.hbarber.com