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Altuna – Professional Pruning Shears

Category:Pruning Shears and Cutting Tools, Garden Trimming Scissors, Dormant Pruning Tools
Regions/Markets Represented: Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and South Africa
Location: Oñati, Gipuzkoa, Spain


Family  Owned  Since  1921


Dorian Drake’s Hardware Group is the sales and marketing representative of Altuna professional pruning shears and cutting tools in select international markets.

​Founded in 1921, Altuna is a leader in the manufacture of professional pruning shears, setting the benchmark with its industrial line for metal and plate cutting. In addition, Altuna incorporates a professional garden range of cutting tools, with a current selection of shears for fruit picking and pruning in vineyards and gardens. Altuna recently expanded their offering to include the innovative professional battery pruner.

Altuna products are available in over 40 countries and five continents and well positioned for continued expansion.

5 Tool Ranges – Manually Adjusted, Giving a Very Precise Cut

Designed closely working with pruners and gardeners, in order to provide the lightest, toughest, and ergonomic shears and to achieve the best cutting performances!

Altuna AB32  – Improve Productivity in Vineyards & Gardens!ALTUNA AB32 - Battery Powered

New battery-powered pruning shear with adjustable opening and 32mm diameter cut.

‣ Ergonomic Handles ‣ Sturdy Robust Housing ‣ Progressive Trigger
‣ Removable  Battery ‣ High-Quality Steel ‣ And More!

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ALTUNA 522 Hand Professional Pruning Shears


Specially designed for pruning hardwoords. The ROTARY cutting system provides a high cutting capacity with 18% less cutting effort.

Recommended for pruning vineyards, fruit trees, landscaping maintenance, forests, gardens, and parks.




1 Hand Professional Pruning ShearsALTUNA 9000 Series


Inclined cutting head shear with an adapted hand system and ergonomic handles that allow for more comfortable pruning.

At Altuna, all professional pruning shears are adjusted manually. They are thoroughly checked by specialized personnel to ensure precise cutting tools.


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ALTUNA 29604

Pruning Saws with Curved Blade


Wide range of professional saws with Japanese heat treated teeth that prevents the jamming of the saw during cutting.

NEW Sawing technology and Ergonomic models available.

Rectified hard chrome plated blades reduces friction and extends the product lifespan.



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