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Wood Chippers Crary Bear Cat

Crary Bear Cat
Category: Wood Chippers, OPE (Outdoor Power Equipment)
Regions/Markets Represented:Africa (excluding South Africa), Asia Pacific (excluding China & Japan), Eastern Europe (excluding Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Ireland, U.K.), and the Middle East (excluding Israel)
Location:West Fargo, North Dakota, United States


The Right Tool for Everyone!

Dorian Drake’s Hardware, Lawn & Garden Group is the sales and marketing representative of the Crary Bear Cat brand of wood chippers and outdoor power equipment in its markets.

Crary Bear Cat is Crary Industries’ high-quality commercial grade, heavy-duty line of outdoor power equipment for commercial and residential applications. The product line includes wood chippers, chippers/shredders, stump grinders, debris loaders, wheeled trimmers, and skid steer chippers. Supported by a professional sales and service team, Crary Bear Cat produces a large range of quality products at very competitive prices.  A customer focused company, Crary Bear Cat values the delivery of products and services that delight customers and which are better than the competition.

Outdoor Power Equipment


Crary Bear Cat manufactures rugged and reliable wood chippers to take care of a wide range of prunings and trees with ease and provide you with a clean-air alternative.

Chipping wood into mulch is a safe and ecological approach to getting rid of yard debris than burning. The wood product can be used for a number of garden farming and landscaping purposes. Tree services and landscaping companies use Crary Bear Cat chippers to do jobsite clean-up, producing mulch, power line clearing and easement cleaning.

Wood Chipper/Shredder SC5627B

Crary Bear Cat manufactures high quality, reliable Chipper/Shredders that will efficiently reduce yard debris, all while helping you be kind to the environment. Crary Bear Cat Chippers and Chipper/Shredders work well for brush and tree pruning, yard clean up, brush and hedge up-keep, creating compost, and mulch.

Chipper PTO Machine CH9540H


PTO Machines

Enhance the usage of your tractor by investing in a Crary Bear Cat PTO Chipper or Chipper/Shredder. You will benefit from the same rugged, reliable features on the engine powered chippers and chipper/shredders.

SGXTR Stump Grinder

Stump Grinders

Hardened carbide steel cutting teeth rotate at engine speed for faster grinding, smooth cutting and smaller chips and debris. With the compact body, getting close to buildings or fitting through gate openings to access stumps is quick and easy.

Debris Loader
Debris Loaders

A Crary Bear Cat Debris Loader allows commercial operators, municipalities and golf course workers to quickly pick up leaves, grass and other light debris and load it into the back of a truck at the same time.

Wheeled Vacuum WV160


Wheeled Vacuums

A Crary Bear Cat Wheeled Vacuum is a great way for homeowners, commercial crews or municipalities to quickly and efficiently pick up leaves, grass or other light debris.

Skid Steer Chipper CH500H
Skid Steer Chippers

Crary Bear Cat has taken the same robust, hydraulic feed chipper design and given you the ability to use your skid steer hydraulics to power the chipper. Models include a universal attachment platform that can be mounted in two positions giving you the flexibility to operate curbside or forward facing.



Wood Chippers OPE Equipment
Wood Chippers OPE Equipment
The Right Tool for…

Property Owners
Golf Course Maintenance

Specialty Ag
Tree Service
Grounds & Maintenance

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Manufacturer Website: www.bearcatproducts.com