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Category:Hardware Products
Regions/Markets Represented:Worldwide, except the United States and Canada) 
Location:Shelbyville, Indiana, United States 
The Clean Air Choice for the Next 100 Years

Dorian Drake has represented American Lawn since 1972. As a family-owned and operated business, American Lawn has manufactured Push Reel Mowers since 1895. American Lawn is the No. 1 U.S. manufacturer of manual reel mowers. They also offer the Earthwise and Yardwise brand of products, a complete line of earth friendly products for the yard and garden.

Manufacturer Products/ Equipment

American Lawn: Manual reel lawn mowers

Earthwise brand: Electric hand-held operated Chain Saws, Blowers, Hedge Trimmers, String Trimmers, Pole Saws, Mowers, Shear/Shrubbers, Pressure Washers, and Yard Tools.

The Earthwise brand products are positioned to have the best features available for an electric or battery powered solution providing a value added product for our customers. They are light weight and offer great efficient power for typical yard tasks a homeowner has when maintaining their property.

Yardwise has an assortment of yard equipment, leaf removal, leaf disposal and deck/sidewalk cleaning.

American Lawn Mower Company has introduced a new line of Lithium Hand Held products under the Earthwise brand, with new products being developed constantly. They continue their commitment to develop quality earth friendly tools that are easy to use for yard and garden care.

Since 1895, American Lawn products (and recently Earthwise brands) are everywhere and the commitment to earth friendly, non-carbon foot print products has not changed. No fumes, no start-up hassles, just the smell of a freshly cut lawn.

American Lawn products are sold through Dorian Drake’s network of outdoor power equipment, hardware distributors, and retailers. It’s a perfect complementary line to our consumer hardware and outdoor power equipment products.

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For more information, speak to a American Lawn authorized representative from Dorian Drake International. For additional information contact us.

Manufacturer Website: www.americanlawnmower.com