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Category:OPE (Outdoor Power Equipment)
Regions/Markets Represented:Australia, New Zealand, and Latin America
Location:Springville, New York, United States

Instrumental in utilizing turbine technology for spraying and debris removal, Buffalo Turbine has been manufacturing Debris Blowers, Sprayers, Dust Suppression, Odor Control, Topdresser and SANDEVIL™ equipment since 1945 from their Springville, New York USA facility. They have manufactured and shipped thousands of units, worldwide, to the Golf, Demolition, Mosquito and Vector Abatement Districts, Military, Construction, Paving, Blacktop Sealers, Landscaping and Homeowner markets.

For over 69 years, Buffalo Turbine has engineered and manufactured products to be durable, lightweight, easy to operate and service. The unique Turbine Design provides superior performance and satisfaction which equates to a faster return on your investment. Buffalo Turbine’s products are made in the USA with state of the art manufacturing equipment and procedures. This allows them to offer the best value, while never compromising on quality.

Dorian Drake’s Hardware, Lawn & Garden Group is the sales and marketing representative of the Buffalo Turbine brand of debris blowers and dust suppression solutions in its markets.



Manufacturer Products/ Equipment

  • Debris Blowers
  • Sprayers
  • Dust Suppressors
  • Topdresser and SANDEVIL™ Equipment. 


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Debris Blowerdebris blower

Buffalo Turbine debris blowers are powerful, versatile, and are proven to provide the best performance in their class. Golf courses, rental companies, sports facilities, paving contractors, highway construction companies, municipalities, parks, cemeteries, racetracks, test tracks, and landscapers have experienced the quality, quietness, labor saving performance and superior customer service received with each Buffalo Turbine purchase. Buffalo turbine products are easy to operate, easy to maintain, and will provide years of dependable service.

The new BT-Mega Blower is the most powerful turbine debris blower in the industry driven by a CH1000 Kohler Command PRO® engine. The BT-Mega Blowers include a wireless remote system to control the nozzle and throttle, and a bolt-on trailer package.monsoon squared

The Cyclone KB4 Debris Blower is powerful, economical, quiet, and is equipped with an electronically governed CH740 Kohler engine. It is the first debris blower, ever, that utilized a wireless nozzle and throttle control from a water resistant handheld remote transmitter.

The NEW Cyclone PTO, like all Buffalo Turbine blowers begins with a lightweight, rigid, welded, tubular steel frame. This redesigned PTO unit incorporates cutting edge technology by using a direct drive gearbox in place of belts, pulleys, jackshafts and pillow blocks resulting in the lightest, most powerful, PTO driven, turbine styled debris blower available.

The Cyclone 8000 Debris Blower is light, powerful, and strategically priced. The only situation you will find with this blower is what to do with your handheld, backpack and walk behind blowers. Equipped with a CH440 Kholer engine and a 360° remote nozzle control, the Cyclone 8000 is versatile enough to travel in and out of confined areas resulting in quick and speedy debris removal.

The Cyclone Squared, like the Buffalo Turbine Model KB Blower, is an industry first and is now the most dominant debris blower available in this market. The twin turbine design powered by the CH1000 Kohler Command Pro Engine uses Buffalo Turbine’s proprietary wireless system to control both the throttle and nozzles. Buffalo Turbine’s Cyclone Squared has escalated debris removal to a new level and will complete jobs faster while paying for itself in time and labor savingsfront mount mower

The BT Hydraulic unit will adapt to most “Skid Steer” loaders including: Bobcat, John Deere, Gehl, Caterpillar, Case, Volvo, Mustang, tractor with adequate flow rates, mini excavators, and mini steer units. The BT Hydraulic is equipped with a 360° remote nozzle control with options for aluminum specialty nozzles.

Buffalo Turbine’s Front Mount debris blowers are built to last and have features that make them superior to the competition. The 12v / 360° remote nozzle allows for easy adjustments from the operator’s seat. The heavy duty castor wheels with turf saving tires provide for easy turning without damaging the turf. The Front Mount Turbine Blowers are compatible with John Deere 1400 & 1500 series, Grasshopper 700 & 900 series, textrons Turfcat 600 series (hydraulic only), Ventrac, and Walker.


Through evaporative cooling the Monsoon Air Mister provides a portable, cost effective solution to create a comfortable outdoor atmosphere for your guests.

What is Evaporative Cooling? Evaporative cooling is an environmentally friendly, simple method that requires no expensive compressors or refrigerants.  The Monsoon Air Mister features a high speed fan that atomizes water into a mist.   As water evaporates it increases humidity and thus lowers the surrounding temperature.  In principle, this is the same cooling effect you feel at the beach as the hot summer breeze rolls across the water.

Other devices known as an air cooler or swamp cooler are used regularly in households where climates are dry and arid. The lightweight, portable Monsoon Air Mister, with a vapor trail up to 60’, brings cost monsoon air mistersaving evaporative cooling technology to golf courses, parks, motorsports events, company gatherings, country clubs, sports fields, livestock facilities, waste facilities, manufacturing facilities, or other similar entertainment and hospitality venues.  Simply plug into a 110 volt outlet, fill the 15.8 gallon tank or connect to a standard 3/4” garden hose.  Very little energy and water is used to achieve a comfortable, welcoming environment.

Buffalo Turbine Sprayer

For more than 67 years Buffalo Turbine has designed and built powerful, quality spraying equipment using our turbine technology. The CSM3 Mist Sprayer is effective when barrier spraying, larviciding and where certain “knock-down” spraying applications are needed as well as for odor control on dump sites. The CSM3 is instrumental in combating the West Nile Virus and other vector transmitted diseases. This unit is used to help control flies, mosquitoes and other bugs on dairy farms, horse farms, parks, military compounds, commercial and residential areas.

The CSM3 Mist Sprayer uses turbulent air to apply a thorough and wide range of coverage not possible by other sprayer units. This unit is capable of producing enough power to penetrate through deep, thick vegetation and tall trees. Distances of 100 to 150 feet or more are attainable when using most liquids. Coverage distances with optional dust/granular bin will vary depending on the material used.

Buffalo Turbine Dust Suppressormega debris blower

The Buffalo Turbine Monsoon featuring the industry first turbine driven Gyratory Atomizing Nozzle is a powerful, cost effective misting system designed to immediately control and suppress dust, odor and smoke in industrial or commercial applications. Improve air quality, lower health risk and help maintain environmental compliance by implementing the Buffalo Turbine Monsoon at your work site.

Applications: evaporative cooling, dust suppression, indoor dust control, odor control, and smoke control.

Industries: Demolition, C&D recycling, metals recycling.


  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Monsoon misting systems are available in electric, gas, PTO and hydraulic.
  • Industry first turbine style blower misting system for dust, smoke and odor control.
  • The Gyratory Atomizing Nozzle can effectively mist water volumes from less than one gallon per minute up to 25 gallons per minute.
  • One of the most cost effective mist sprayer systems for controlling and suppressing dust, odor and smoke on the market.
  • Additional value- Buffalo Turbine monsoon gas, diesel, PTO and hydraulic models come standard to be utilized as a debris blower for job site clean-up.


The Sandevil™ attachment from Buffalo Turbine is capable of improving the aerification and topdressing processes on golf courses, sports fields and turf farms. Damage to the turf as well as artificial turf is minimized when using the Sandevil as compared to conventional drag mats and brushes. The Sandevil is designed to capture the “Turbine Powered Air” produced by the model KB blower and distribute a variety of top dressing material into the turf canopy and aerification holes up to ½”. Larger holes, moist ground conditions and damp materials will require additional passes.

Turbine powered air is diverted and baffled downward forcing top dressing material into aerification holes or thatch. The height adjustment (lever) along with the nylon bristled skirting is designed to help contain the top dressing material and turbine powered air within the confines of the lower housing.

The heavy-duty steel construction and caster wheels combined with the power-coated finish translate to minimal maintenance requirements. The Sandevil is versatile, easy to attach, provides more thorough filling, and accelerates the rate of recovery.

Blowing Since 1945! Insist on the Original Buffalo Turbine.

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