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Capkold-Sous Vide & Cook-Chill Systems


Kitchen Cooking/ Holding Equipment, Grocery / Supermarket

Regions/Markets Represented:Africa, Middle East (including Turkey), Asia Pacific Rim (including Russia, Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands) (excluding India), and
Puerto Rico.
Location:Jackson, Mississippi, United States

Dorian Drake International is the exclusive export sales representative for CapKold in select markets. Dorian Drake manages all export functions in its territory for CapKold’s brand of cook-chill production systems, with special focus on building brand recognition, consultation and custom cook chill design system and distribution.

CapKold, a Groen brand, is a market leader in cook-chill production systems, designed as a safe and economical alternative to traditional cook and serve production methods delivering fresh taste and quality cooked foods.

CapKold provides revolutionary technologies to help you create hundreds of meals that taste like they were prepared individually.  Dedicated to innovation through research and development, CapKold continuously searches for new ways to raise the bar on food quality, safety and convenience.

Manufacturer Products/Equipment

CapKold® Kettle

The CapKold Kettle is available in your choice of gas or direct steam kettles. No hot-spots, just a gentle, even heat that cooks from all sides of the steam jacket. Patented, variable-speed, inclined agitator kettles deliver superior mixing and product suspension. It is also available with tilt-out or tilt-with agitators.

CapKold® Pump/Fill Stations

After cooking, the product is pumped at 180°F from the kettle into flexible plastic casings and sealed using the pump/fill station. With digital input and displays, adjusting pump speed is quick and precise. Optional temperature safety monitor locks out and prevents packaging at less than 180°F. Twin-lobe transfer pump won’t damage delicate foods.

CapKold® Cook Tanks

Optional CapKold Cook Tank is used to slow cook and process meats and other solid food. Because raw foods are thoroughly sealed in casings, they’re cooked in their own natural juices for more flavor and increased tenderness. Slow-cooking meats reduce average shrinkage by 12% over conventional cooking methods.

Once cooked, the hot water is automatically drained and replaced with chilled water. Powerful water circulation pump gives you more uniform cooking and cooling. Cook Tanks are available in 500-, 1000- and 2000-pound nominal capacities. Groen-pioneered integrated control systems allow overnight, unattended cooking, cooling and complete process documentation.

CapKold® WaterJet® Chiller Cook Tank

The CapKold WaterJet Chiller Cook Tank is a cost-effective alternative to tumble and blast chillers. As an alternative to the Tumble Chiller and/or Cook Tank, the compact WaterJet 100 gives you more versatility and flexibility. The large capacity tank will quickly tumble chill 100 gallons of packaged food from 180°F to 40°F. Like the Cook Tank, slow cooking with the WaterJet 100 gives you better tasting and more tender foods with higher meat yields. It is capable of automatically cooking and chilling vacuum packed, non-pumpable food, such as chicken or beef. Allows you to cook, chill, reheat and thaw foods. There is a convenient meat probe for monitoring internal product temperature. The compact water chiller saves on precious floor space. The legs are six-inches with adjustable floor mounting flanges. Features insulated, non-corroding double wall tank construction. The diverter valve controls water discharge flow and turbulence. Easy-to-operate front-mounted controls, WaterJet® Chiller Cook Tank also features water level overflow protection, two-inch drain and a water pump protective screen. Attached stainless steel splash covers with lift assist.

CapKold® Tumble Chillers

Tumble chilling is the fastest chilling method available, ensuring higher food quality, better texture and superior taste. Using a combination of flexible plastic casings and a water bath chiller that accelerates product chilling, product can be safely stored for up to six weeks, with approved HACCP plan. Tumble Chillers feature hand-polished stainless steel finish for easier clean-up.

CapKold Products are proudly made in the USA

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