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Category: Kitchen Cooking/ Holding Equipment, Grocery / Supermarket
Regions/Markets Represented:Worldwide, except United States, Canada, Korea and Japan
Location:Mentor, Ohio, United States

Quality Performance since 1936, Still No Equal

Dorian Drake International is the exclusive export sales representative for Cres Cor.

Headquartered in Mentor, Ohio USA, Cres Cor is a global manufacturer of high quality mobile food service equipment and specialty metal solutions.

Since 1936 Cres Cor has been manufacturing high quality mobile foodservice solutions at affordable levels to serve its customers. A family-owned company, Cres Cor has been a moving force in the foodservice industry committed to unsurpassed reliability and superb customer service.

Committed to providing customers with quality products and parts, which are built stronger to last longer, Cres Cor achieves these objectives through continuous improvement and by listening and working with their customers and employees.  Cres Cor patterns ISO 9001-2000 business systems and their quality assurance programs are built into their process.

Manufacturer Products/Equipment

Hot Holding Cabinets

Heated cabinets designed to hold hot, prepared food items at safe, proper serving temperatures.

Utility Cabinets

Multi-purpose cabinets designed for transport and storage.

Proof/Hot Cabinets

Versatile cabinets designed to proof quantities of uniformly raised dough or for holding prepared foods at serving temperatures.

Banquet Cabinets

Heated cabinets designed to hold plated, covered meals at safe, proper serving temperatures.

Refrigerated Cabinets

Refrigerated cabinets designed to hold food and beverages at safe, proper serving temperatures.


Multi-purpose racks designed for transport and storage.


Roast-N-Hold™ gentle convection ovens designed for flavorful results by slow roasting; promotes natural browning for flavor and seals in natural juices. QuikTherm™ ovens designed for both reheating pre-cooked foods and slow roasting.


Multi-purpose dollies designed for transport and storage of a variety of kitchenware.

Infra Red Warmers / Carving Stations

Heating lamps designed to keep food hot prior to serving.

Pans, Grids, Baskets

Cres Cor offers a variety of pans, wire shelves, grids and baskets for customer convenience.

CresCor products are proudly made in the USA

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Manufacturer Website: www.crescor.com