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Category:Kitchen Equipment, Holding Equipment, Grocery, Supermarket
Regions/Markets Represented:Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe including UK.
Location:Pacoima, California, United States 

Dorian Drake’s Food Service Group is the sales and marketing representative of the American Range brand of professional kitchen cooking equipment in its markets.

American Range® is a recognized leader of quality, innovative commercial food service equipment that can easily accommodate the unique and specific work-load requirements of any commercial and industrial kitchen.

Manufacturer Products/Equipment

  • Heavy Duty Restaurant Ranges
  • Specialty Ranges
  • Cheesemelters & Salamanders
  • Majestic Convection Ovens
  • Upright Overfired Broilers
  • Radiant Steakhouse Broilers
  • Fryers / Filtration
  • Broilers Griddles
  • Hot Plates
  • Stock Pots Stoves
  • Pasta Cooker
  • Specialty Equipment
  • High End Residential Ranges and Ovens

Medallion® heavy-duty hotel series comes equipped with standard features not found with competing brands; 37,000 BTU two-piece open burners, 12-gauge welded frame construction, flush work top surfaces, adjustable plate shelf, stainless steel tray bed, oven interior, sides, front and pilot/oven tubing.

The oven base and range top are modular. Therein, if there is a menu change the range top can be reconfigured to accommodate the menu without having to replace the oven base.  Example: a 6-burner range can be converted in the field to a griddle, broiler, French-top, hot-top, Plancha, etc. leaving the oven base intact. The design offer limitless flexibility and value.

Medallion® equipment is utilized by some of the world’s most renowned restaurants; Wynn Las Vegas, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and Café Gray NYC.

American Range® Restaurant Series has a shallower depth compared to our Medallion® series with comparable standard features; 32,000 BTU two-piece open burners, 14-gauge welded frame construction, flush work top surfaces, stainless steel sides, front and high shelf with porcelain oven interior.

Innovection™ Convection Oven Technology combines draft dependent cooking (standard oven) and turbulent air flow convection cooking. The Innovection™ technology utilizes heavy duty convection motors to draw hot air from the oven burner, through our patented baffling system. Once the hot air reaches the oven cavity, the convection motor circulates the turbulent hot air, generating even heat throughout the oven cavity.

Air turbulence inside the oven cavity increases cooking efficiency and performance.  Patented baffle/louver design distributes heat evenly inside the oven cavity eliminating hot and cool spots.

Other benefits:

  • Reduced gas consumption by 20 percent compared to a standard oven given the oven cavity is not relying on radiant heat to bake. Faster pre-heat times versus standard convection with a consistent temperature. With air circulating inside the oven, the entire cooking cavity heats quicker, cutting cook times by as much as 25 percent.
  • Arguably the broadest equipment offering in the commercial cooking category, the American Range Restaurant Series includes ranges, fryers, baking convection ovens, a complete line of multi-purpose broilers and griddles, chicken rotisseries, stock pots, Chinese wok ranges and custom specialty equipment.

American Range Products are proudly made in the USA

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