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Bakery, Grocery & Supermarket, Meat Processing
Category:Grocery/Supermarket, Meat Processing
Regions/Markets Represented:Worldwide, except United States and Canada
Location:Salem, New Hampshire, United States
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Dorian Drake’s Food Service Group is the sales and marketing representative of the Univex brand of equipment in its markets.

Since 1948, Univex Corporation has grown to become a leading U.S. manufacturer and distributor of superior quality mixers, slicers, dough processors, bakery and pizza ovens, and prep equipment for the restaurant, hotel, pizzeria, bakery, catering and institutional industries.

Today, Univex’s line of planetary mixers are well known for their rugged engineering that keeps them running for decades. Their competitive pricing makes them a remarkably good value.

Dorian Drake International represents Univex products in global markets through an extended distributor and dealer network who supply Univex equipment to food service operators worldwide.

Manufacturer Products/Equipment
  • Planetary Mixers
  • Spiral Mixers
  • Slicers
  • Ovens
  • Sheeters
  • Prep Equipment
  • Dough Processors
  • Accessories

Planetary Mixers

Renowned for their unique variable-speed drive system, oversized transmission gears, and low cost of ownership, Univex planetary mixers range from a compact, 12-quart countertop model to the SRM80+.

All Univex planetary mixers feature their unique hybrid drive system that lets you choose from four standard operating speeds while the mixer is running. They also come standard with a durable stainless-steel bowl that won’t rust out or lose its finish, a #12 attachment hub for adding food-processing attachments and an ingredient chute for easily adding ingredients . Their 30-quart and larger models come with a built-in automatic timer.

Spiral Mixersgreenline spiral series

Silverline and Greenline spiral mixers are built to perform under even the most demanding conditions. They can knead small and large quantities of dough perfectly every time. With service requirements so low, they are practically maintenance-free!

Designed for industrial bakeries, these sturdy, reliable mixers feature dual motors and an electromechanical control panel with rubber gaskets. The bowl is blocked by a high-powered electromagnetic system for reducing noise and wear during kneading. Spiral mixers are available in models suitable for 80 up to 300kg of dough.


Four distinct slicer lines range from the economical PrepSaver™ series, the rugged yet affordable Duro™ series & the powerful Max™ series to the signature series line of premium, supermarket-quality slicers. All slicers are guaranteed to slice cheese.

The new Univex Premium Slicer Series, Value Series and Economy Series are built to exceed today’s standards for high precision slicing, exceptional blade protection for operator’s safety, and ease of cleaning.value series slicer

Univex automatic and manual slicers are manufactured from cast aluminum for years of reliable performance and feature German hollow ground blades, ultra safe zero blade edge exposure while cleaning, hygienic remote sharpener and ergonomic comfort design.

Pizza Deck Ovens

The multipurpose pizza deck ovens bake a variety of products to your exacting standards, while the special hearth stones allow for efficient baking of bread, buns and much, much more.

Dough Processors

The semi-automatic bun dividers are able to cut raw dough into small portions and, using an oscillating plate, roll each to obtain balldough rounder dividers of uniform weight and shape – in a matter of seconds! Univex offers a wide variety of sizes and styles to meet all operational needs.


All Univex bakery and pizza ovens are built in accordance with the highest possible standards for materials, technical components, and manufacturing procedures. Thoughtful, ergonomic design makes for easy, intuitive use, while durability, reliability, and efficiency protect and maximize your investment in excellence.

Dough Sheeters

The SFG500 and SFG600 reversible dough sheeters are perfectly suited to the needs of artisans. Features such as cylinders with large-diameter, bored shoulders in anti-corrodal steel, ball bearings on all movements, and universal, reversible scrapers combine to ensure optimum efficiency and functionality. The SFG500 comes in both bench and floor models. Dough sheeters are perfectly suited to the needs of artisans.

Food Prep Equipment

Univex offers a large selection of Food prep equipment including, meat grinders, fat analyzers, patty presses, power drives, bowl cutters, peelers and a slicer/shredder.


Univex has consistently lived up to its reputation for manufacturing tough, reliable products that exceed the standards of the most important assets and partners: customers.


All Univex products and accessories are proudly manufactured by skilled designers, engineers and manufacturing experts.sfg 500 t rev dough sheeter


Built work-day tough to take on your most challenging applications.


Made from strong, long-lasting materials to ensure years of trouble-free operation.

Univex Products are proudly made in the United States and Italy

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