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Regions/Markets Represented:Africa, Australia, China, Europe, Indian Subcontinent, Latin America (excluding Puerto Rico), Middle East, and Vietnam 
Location:Santa Fe Springs, California, United States


Dorian Drake’s Food Service Group is the sales and marketing representative of the Alegacy Foodservice Products Group brand of Eagleware® aluminum cookware, smallwares and utensils in its markets.

Alegacy Foodservice Products Group, Inc. has a long tradition of excellent service, and quality products strategically sourced from suppliers throughout the world. Alegacy consolidates its Eagleware® cookware line, proudly made in their USA manufacturing facility with a broad range of foodservice smallwares products for use in hotels, restaurants and other institutions where food service is required.

Since 1947, Alegacy has been providing the ultimate in quality smallwares while maintaining extremely competitive pricing. Whether it’s moving a little faster to insure on-time delivery or combing the globe to provide customers with one of the world’s largest selections of professional supplies, Alegacy has accepted nothing but the best.

One look at the stats shows U.S. manufactured Eagleware® has held its own for the most demanding chefs since 1965.

Alegacy listens to the concerns and needs of its customer base in order to improve or manufacture new products for the market.  All products undergo rigorous quality control in their California, USA factory.

Manufacturer Products/Equipment

Professional Cookware

Eagleware® – Made in the U.S.A.

Stock Pots & Sauce Pots | Fry Pans & Sauce Pans | Braziers | Double Broilers | Sauté Pans | Heavy-Duty Cookware | Bun Pans | Pizza Pans |

Unequaled versatility and durability makes Eagleware® the top choice in commercial kitchens worldwide. The thermally efficient 3004 alloy evenly distributes heat from the source to the rim. The high quality of this prime aluminum alloy, compared to softer 3003 or 1100 alloy material means greater dent-resistance and durability, and that spells overall savings for you in the long run. The securely riveted handles are nickel/chrome-plated steel, and will be replaced less often than softer aluminum welded/riveted handles. Finally, the uniform satin finish pot with straight sidewalls not only optimizes heat distribution but also eliminates the transfer of food flavors and makes for easy cleanup.

Imported Cookware

Optima® Aluminum Cookware | Optima® Stainless Steel Cookware | Wire Baskets | Steel Fry Pans | Steel Fry Bottom & Basket | Roast Pans ||Bun Pans | Steam Table Pans and insets | Cutting Boards |stock pots

Made of 1100 and 3000 series alloy aluminum, the Optima III line is a great alternative to top of the line Eagleware®. Though slightly softer, Optima III still offers superior durability and dent-resistance compared to lesser alloys at a comparable price. Its three and four-riveted aluminum handles far outlast welded handle competitors, and, the solid aluminum construction produces efficient, evenly distributed heat across the entire cooking surface. A kitchen outfitted with Optima III will have food that cooks more consistently and economical cookware that performs at the highest level.

Bakeware & Supplies

Measures | Dredges/Scoops/ Sieves |Pie / Cake Pans | Pastry Items | Rolling Pins | Pastry Cutters |Pans

A full selection of perfectly selected equipment is available for all your baking needs to ensure great pastry creations every time.rapid cork puller

Bar Supplies

Corkscrews | Can Openers | Pourers | Ice Picks | Bar Utensils | Glass Brushes

Professional presentation and precision epitomize Alegacy’s selection of bar equipment, all made from the highest quality materials to ensure years of dependable use.


Squeeze Dispensers | Food Baskets | Trays |Tote Boxes | All-Purpose Prep Trays | Crystalware | Pitchers |

Ashtrays Alegacy’s plasticware is the perfect answer to paper waste in the fast food industry. These products also reduce dish use and dishwashing time, substantially, cutting costs.

Chafers & Buffetware

Savoir™ Chafers | Orbit™ Buffettware | Sonata Serenade ™ Chafers | Silvercrest™/Goldcrest™ Buffettware | Cordiale™ Chafers | Barocco Serving Ware | New Era Serving Ware | Top Chef™ Chafers | Frames | Chafer Components | Coffee Makers |

When presentation is paramount, superior styling and ease of use make Alegacy’s chafers and buffetware the top choice. Made of the finest stainless steel and polished to a highly mirrored finish, allowing each model to showcase its own superb quality and exquisite design.

Steam Table Pans & Insets

Anti-Jamming Pans | Standard Pans | Covers & Accessories | Insets & Bain Maries

Alegacy’s Rest-Rite steam table pans come in four advertised thicknesses so you can choose the right quality pan at the right price. The 18/8 stainless steel steam table pans are tight-fitting, so steam can’t escape, lengthening safe holding times. Their reinforced edges prevent the corners from bending, allowing them to fit better in the well, and can easily be moved from freezer to oven without re-panning. They are available in 22 and 24 gauge stainless steel. A variety of accessories and covers are also available. Alegacy steam table pans are NSF listed.

Kitchen Utensils

Strainers & Skimmers | Colanders & Bowls | Spoons & Ladles | Can Openers | Ice Cream Dishers | Scoops | Whips | Tongs | Small Utensils | Timers | Cleaning Items | Oven Mitts & Aprons |aluminum scoops

Quality made designs are built to withstand the abuse and survive for years in any kitchen which means savings for you in the long run.

Food Preparation

Cutting Boards | Cutlery | Turners & Spatulas | Steak Knives | Cutlery Accessories | Poultry Shears | Cast Iron Ware | Thermometers | Scales | Hand Tools |

The tough task of safe food preparation is simple with the ColorCode System that takes the risk out of cross-contamination. ColorCode cutting boards, cleaning brushes, knives, tongs and spatulas are the ultimate defense in the prevention of cross-contamination.

Pizza Supplies

Pizza Trays & Screens | Pizza Cutters | Pizza Peels | Pizza Stand | Pizza Pouch | Accessories | Cheese Shakers |liquid measures

High quality, dependable, thick, aluminum alloy pizza pans and screens come in a variety of sizes. Choose from Alegacy’s U.S.A. made Eagleware® or imported pizza screens. They are both a great choice for any level of operation.

Tabletop & Service

Shakers & Pourers | Oil & Vinegar Racks | Table Accessories | Baskets | Flatware | Serving Pitchers & Holloware | Serving Platters | Counter Dispensers & Pumps | Toothpick Dispensers | Tray Stands & High Chairs |

Alegacy’s chick and robust tableware make every table impressive. Elegant or economical, Alegacy gives you the edge on presentation. Pitchers can be customized for easy identification via color coded tabs.

Janitorial Brushes & Accessories

Grill/Oven Brushes | Utility Brushes Brushes are manufactured with formidable brass bristles that can be put through the test on a daily basis.

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