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Category:Bakery, Grocery/ Supermarket
Regions/Markets Represented:Africa, Asia & the Pacific, Middle East
Location:Covington, Georgia, United States
Do More. Earn More. Save More. Expect More with SPG.

Dorian Drake’s Food Service Group is the sales and marketing representative of the SPG (Storage Products Group) brand of shelving system solutions in its markets.

When it comes to storage solutions, SPG International, LLC (Storage Products Group) does not make compromises.  No one offers you a broader or better selection of storage systems. However, while SPG manufactures shelving, sinks, carts, cabinets, racks, workstations, ladders, and more, what they really offer is productivity, efficiency, durability, versatility and performance. You’ll find all of this in every product and service provided.

Beyond the innovative storage systems is a network of service and support that can help you maximize the performance of every square inch of space and every single employee in your facilities.

The roots of the company go back more than half a century. Today, SPG is a global company with over one million square feet of manufacturing and distribution capacity, all ready to be put to work for you.

As the single source for all your storage needs, you can Expect More from SPG.

SPG manufactures a broad selection of storage systems for all types of service applications found in the Foodservice & Hospitality, Industrial, Warehousing, Healthcare, Grocery, Convenience and Retail market, to name a few.  SPG product lines include AMCO, ISS, Freestyle, Universal Stainless, Kelmax, and Gillis/Jarke material handling systems.

Manufacturer Products/Equipment

  • Shelving systems
  • Workstationsdiamond deck cart
  • Wall systems
  • Speed of service equipment
  • Racks • Carts
  • Specialty systems
  • Stainless steel sinks & tables
  • Bar equipment
  • Dunnage
  •  Material handling equipment
  • Protective rail systems
  • Ladders
  • Platforms
  • Lockers
SPG’s product lines include the most trusted names in the industry
  • AMCO premium shelving
  • ISS shelving
  • ISS Contender economy-focused shelving
  • Freestyle cantilever storage
  • Universal stainless sinks, worktables and fabrication
  • Kelmax aluminum carts, cabinets and racks
  • Gillis and Jarke material handling and storage systems
SPG serves every industry categoryamco shelving
  • Foodservice
  • Hospitality
  • Grocery
  • Convenience stores
  • Retail
  • Material Handling
  • Warehousing
  • Industrial & manufacturing
  • Healthcare

Demand more from your facilities. Expect More from SPG.

The real value offered to you by the Dorian Drake and SPG relationship is the ability to analyze your operation and design a total solution customized to your unique needs. Working with you, will help you uncover the hidden opportunities that exist in your facilities. Together we then select the right systems and integrate them into your business in an approach that speeds workflow, increases storage capacity, improves employee productivity, cuts costs and increases profits. To maximize the value of every square inch of your facilities you need storage systems that are versatile, reliable, efficient, economical and engineered to last. SPG offers you all of this and more. SPG’s innovative systems can add greater productivity and profitability to your operation by expanding the capacity of your available space, improving the management of your inventory, enhancing the flow of materials, increasing accessibility, and boosting employee performance.

Efficiencies for Grocery and Convenience Operationswall trax

Today, grocery and convenience operations need to be more efficient than ever before. SPG can help. Offering the value-driven storage solutions you need to deal with changing and expanding inventories and floor plans. The innovative systems are designed to increase storage capacity, improve access to inventory, move products more quickly and efficiently, boost employee productivity, and bring greater profitability to every department in your store. Nobody offers you a wider array of solutions.

Retailers know the value of single-source shopping

When it comes to storage and material handling equipment, SPG offers you a true single source for the reliable and economical systems you need. From the loading dock to the backroom to the sales floor, SPG can help you increase the efficiency of your operation, improve the productivity of your employees, manage inventory more effectively, access products more easily, and move them to the sales floor more quickly.

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For more information, speak to a SPG International, LLC authorized representative from Dorian Drake International. For additional information contact us.

Manufacturer Website: www.spgusa.com 

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