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Category: Kitchen Cooking/ Holding Equipment, Grocery / Supermarket/Institutional
Regions/Markets Represented: Africa, Middle East (including Turkey), Asia Pacific Rim (including Russia, Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands) (excluding India), and
Puerto Rico.
Location:Jackson, Mississippi, United States
Dorian Drake’s Food Service Group is the sales and marketing representative of the Groen brand of food service equipment in its markets. Groen is the world’s largest manufacturer of steam jacketed kettles and tilting braising pans;  pioneer and leader in cook-chill systems and water bath heat transfer technology. The result of Groen’s comprehensive production process is an extensive line of commercial cooking equipment that simplifies and streamlines large-volume food preparation. In addition to its industry-leading braising pans and steam jacketed kettles, Groen offers a wide range of other choices in commercial kitchen equipment, with products that continue to bring innovation and advancement, consistently winning Best in Class awards. The Groen line features a broad array of commercial steamers (including batch steamers, connectionless steamers and boilerless steamers); cooker/mixers which combine the speed and efficiency of the steam jacketed kettle with a high-performance agitator; the ComboEase™ combi oven with its patent-pending boilerless steaming reservoir and unique heat-transfer design; as well as innovative PureSteem™ water filtration systems and a full line of CapKold® cook-chill production systems. With a focus on ease-of-use, energy efficiency, food safety, precision temperature control and customization, Groen foodservice equipment offers convenience, consistent quality and realized savings for chefs and foodservice operations.
Manufacturer Products/Equipment

Steam Jacketed Kettles

By harnessing the power of steam, Groen kettles provide six times the energy of boiling water, creating an ideal heat transfer medium.  Supeboilerless steamerrior engineering of our steam kettles ensures even heating and precise temperature control, reducing the need for “pot watching” and frequent stirring. Only Groen uses 316 grade stainless steel as its standard material on floor mounted kettles to protect the interior from highly-acidic foods, and aid in ease of cleaning and preservation of the kettles’ brilliant, mirror-like finish.

Braising Pans

The Eclipse™ Ergonomic Tilting Braising Pan is a multi-tasking, hard-working, high-performance braising pan–so versatile it can braise, grill, hold, steam, or cook just about anything you can dish up.

Intek Connectionless Steamer

The Intek Connectionless Steamer has the best possible combination of cooking speed (productivity), efficiency, and reliability of any steamer on the market today.

SmartSteam100 Boilerless Steamer

The SmartSteam 100 Boilerless Steamer are high-powered, fast recovery units for heavy-duty and a la carte applications. With more power than any competitive boilerless steamer and less water usage, SmartSteam100 is the best choice for demanding operations with heavy-duty applications. SmartSteam100 offers all of the choices you expect in speed, capacity, gas or electric operation in a steamer designed for the needs of foodservice operations.

Groen ComboEase™ Combination Oven-Steamer

ComboEase™ offers savings in labor and space, versatility of a single unit to replace multiple pieces of kitchen equipment, faster cook times, reduced food shrinkage and higher yields, and food that’s more flavorful and nutritious. The ComboEase from Groen is easy to learn, operate and maintain, easy on the pocketbook and the environment. In today’s dynamic and ever-challenging kitchen, no full-size combi brings simplicity to the cooking process like the ComboEase does.

Cooker/Mixersgroen steamers

Experience the speed, versatility and efficiency of a steam-jacketed kettle combined with a high performance agitator. Groen® Cooker/Mixers offer it all – small and large size kettles; table top and floor-mounted styles; inclined and double-vertical agitator designs; electric, gas and direct steam operation; and numerous features that are standard with Groen®.

Water Filtration Systems

The PureSteem™ system not only prevents scale build-up, but it can also extend the life of the steam generator or boiler.


CapKold provides revolutionary technologies to help you create hundreds of meals that taste like they were prepared individually. As one of the market leaders in cook-chill production systems, CapKold is dedicated to innovation through research and development, searching for new ways to raise the bar on food quality, safety and convenience. Groen Products are proudly made in the USA icon-youtube2For videos, visit the Dorian Drake YouTube Site: >

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