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Kitchen Cooking/ Holding Equipment, Grocery / Supermarket

Regions/Markets Represented: Africa, Middle East (including Turkey), Asia Pacific Rim (including Russia, Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands) (excluding India), and
Puerto Rico.
Location:Jackson, Mississippi, United States

Dorian Drake’s Food Service Group is the sales and marketing representative of the Avtec brand of food service equipment in its markets.

Avtec, a leading manufacturer of commercial ventilation and air handling systems, continues the innovative tradition of Unified Brands, creating efficient ways to enhance the working environment of the commercial kitchen.  Avtec products represent a breakthrough in energy efficiency, functionality and savings for their excellence in design and ease of use. The brand’s outstanding commercial kitchen hoods, conveyors and utility distribution systems have earned numerous awards, including a National Restaurant Association’s Kitchen Innovation Award in 2008.

Each of Avtec’s commercial ventilation hoods is designed to meet a wide variety of functional needs and budgets. Its full line of dish return conveyors offers outstanding labor saving designs for the preparation of high-volume food. The versatile Avtec utility distribution system (UDS) saves money and provides ease of installation and use in commercial kitchen settings.

Manufacturer Products/Equipment

EcoArch™ Ventilation System

The EcoArch Energy-Efficient Ventilation System from AVTEC features a patent-pending arch design combined with a front-mounted, high-velocity exhaust slot for maximum performance and energy cost reduction. The best of two technologies combined in one commercial exhaust hood to benefit the operator. Available with or without the UV component, the EcoArch system simply enables better capture, containment, and breakdown of grease molecules and grease vapors, and reduces grease odors in exhausted air.

TAKU Ventilation Systems

Avtec’s TAKU commercial kitchen ventilation hoods offer the best available technology on the market, with custom exterior finishes for applications where design aesthetics are foremost. TAKU models feature heavy 200 series stainless steel throughout, with the option to upgrade to 300 series stainless. Exhaust hood designs are available with UL-listed grease filters or modular grease extractor cartridges. Conveyors Preparation Conveyors (TrayTrac, etc.) offer labor saving designs for the preparation of high volume food. Soiled Clean-Up Applications provide a complete line of products to efficiently process soiled dishware in a minimum amount of space.

Utility Distribution Systems

Avtec Utility Distribution Systems save money and installation hassles with convenient one-point connections for all of your fire-fuel equipment shut-off, Ground Fault Equipment Protection, digital timers, LED read out, fan controls, and magnetic motor controls. Each Utility Distribution System is customized to meet specific needs so that the entire system, or just one unit, can be relocated exactly where needed—without costly remodeling.

AVTEC products are proudly made in the USA

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Manufacturer Website: www.unifiedbrands.net 

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