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Category:Garage Tools & Equipment
Regions/Markets Represented:Worldwide, except United States and Canada
Location:White Plains, NY, United States
Quality without Compromise

Headquartered in White Plains, New York USA, Dorian Drake International has been the world’s leading supplier of quality USA made Tire repair string inserts for the past 20+ years, supplying both under proprietary brands like Dura-Vulc, Dura Seal, Republic, and Tire Seal, as well as various private label brands including industry leading tire repair manufactures own proprietary brands. With proven expertise and experience, Dorian Drake has developed a truly high quality range of tire repair patches, cements, and tools under the Dura-Vulc brand that meets all US standards and specifications.  This product range is proudly offered at highly competitive prices.


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Manufacturer Products

Tubeless Tire Repair String

Reliability, performance, and safety, that’s what you get with our tubeless tire repair seals. It’s a claim we can make with confidence because of the rigorous, third-party testing we put our product through. No other tubeless tire repair seal, has the test results and EPA approval, we have to prove reliability, performance, and safety.

Tubeless tire repair strings, Instaseal is available in a large variety of configurations such as:

  • Length
  • Color
  • Thickness

Instaseal is also available in a variety of packaging options/sizes:

  • Bulk / Band – Sheets wrapped with rubber band
  • Bulk / Bagged – Sheets packed in a bag
  • Box / no bags – Sheets loose in a Dura-Vulc box
  • Box / bags – Sheets packed in a bag inside Dura-Vulc box

PermaSeal Vulcanizing Insert

The PermaSeal Vulcanizing Insert may be used as a stem insert when used for angle and straight injuries with a repair unit or as a stand-alone insert to temporarily repair a tire. The vulcanizing facing gum rubber of the insert, when used in conjunction with the Dura-Vulc Chemical Vulcanizing Cement creates a permanant vulcanized bond to the tire. It is the preferred insert of tire professionals because of this unique chemical vulcanizing characteristic that most ordinary tire plug inserts don’t have.

Tubeless Tire Repair Tools

Dorian Drake, under the Dura-Vulc brand, offers a large selection of Tubeless Tire Repair Tools.  View our catalog for specific models or contact us directly for more information.

Stem Inserts – Stem-Patch Combination Repair

The stem-patch is the ultimate tire repair of choice for quality high performance tire repair including standard automobile to commercial truck tires. The Stem Patch offers vulcanizing rubber stems and cap unit that vulcanizes to both the injury and the inner liner of the tire.


Dorian Drake offers, under the Dura-Vulc brand, a combination of tools conveniently grouped as a kit, and offered in a variety of combinations to meet the demands and needs of the tire repair professional.

Radial Repairs

Radial repair units are constructed of the highest quality rubber compound. This ensures the high flexibility in compound and design. Each radial repair unit has a flexible “shock absorbing” ply of rubber to withstand the flexing associated with a radial constructed tire. This unit will work with both tube and tubeless tire constructions. These repairs are manufactured with the chemical vulcanizing facing gum to permanently vulcanize and bond to the tire’s inner liner.

Bias Ply Repair

Bias Ply repair units are designed with a crisscross diagonal ply construction. It has a built in rubber shock absorbing ply to withstand the rolling impact and provide strength and flexibility of the bias tire design. This repair design will perform in both tube and tubeless tire constructions.

Universal Repair Unit

The Dura-Vulc Universal Repair was developed for use in radial and bias applications as well as tube or tubeless tire constructions. This repair concept provides added strength over a rubber reinforced repair unit because of its special woven fabric ply that provides strength and multi universal direction control when applied to the tire. This repair choice offers premium quality strength in a multi directional choice. The Universal repair is an excellent repair choice when reinforcement ply is required.

All Purpose Repair Units

All purpose rubber reinforced repair units are for use in virtually any application. It is to be used over a filled injury in a bias or radial constructed tire. The all-purpose repair has an extra thick gauge of rubber reinforcement to provide a combination of flexibility with durability for bias and radial tube type or tubeless tires and can be used on all types of inner tubes.

Liquids and Cements

Dorian Drake, under the Dura-Vulc brand, offers several liquids and cements, such as rubber cleaners, chemical vulcanizing cement, black vulcanizing cement, bead sealer, and inner liner sealant. Each of these items is extremely effective for their purpose and is cost-effective. Inquire with a Dorian Drake authorized sales personnel.


A wide variety of accessories are offered by the Dura-Vulc brand, such as Carbide Cutters, High Speed Steel Cutters, Aluminum Oxide Stones, and more.



Download Catalog - Dorian Drake International website


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