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Littelfuse / Cole Hersee




Category:Heavy Duty Products
Regions/Markets Represented:Worldwide except Europe, United States and Canada
Location:Boston, MA, United States

Dorian Drake’s Automotive Group is the sales and marketing representative of the Littelfuse/ Cole Hersee brand of products for its markets.

Dorian Drake and the Cole Hersee Company have enjoyed a business relationship for nearly 75 years. Cole Hersee, a Littelfuse company, is a leading manufacturer of electromechanical, electronic and digital switches and connectors, designing dependable products for a broad range of vehicles since 1924. In addition to being the premier supplier of electrical switches, solenoids, circuit protection and other electrical switching devices for heavy-duty vehicular applications, Cole Hersee is also a major OEM supplier to heavy-duty manufacturers throughout the world.

Since its founding in 1924, Cole Hersee has been a pioneer and leader in the development of heavy-duty electrical products for the vehicle industry, and has earned a reputation for quality and value. Cole Hersee collaborated on many basic industry standards and today is a preferred supplier of over 2,000 dependable vehicle products and accessories including a wide range of switches, solenoids & relays, battery-related products, monitoring and warning devices, pilot lights, panel lamps and sockets and electrical connectors.  Cole Hersee products are available as standard or custom designed products to meet customer needs. Cole Hersee is ISO 9001:2008-certified.

The company’s products are used by leading companies in the commercial vehicle products (CVP), construction, agriculture and military markets. Littelfuse acquired Cole Hersee, of Boston, Massachusetts, in 2010.

Manufacturer Products/Equipment


Cole Hersee has been known for reliable DC switches for over 85 years. They manufacture Rocker, Toggle, Ignition, Rotary, Windshield Wiper, Momentary, Push-Pull, Disconnect switches and many other types.

Switches use a key as the actuator, but lever actuator switches are also available. Anti-restart type switches make it impossible for a vehicle operator to try to restart the vehicle when the engine is running, thus protecting the ignition system.


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Circuit Protection

Cole Hersee manufactures circuit protection devices. These devices shut circuits down when a dangerous overload occurs. Cole Hersee has wiring accessories of all kinds, including blocks and busbar.


Cole Hersee manufactures solenoids. Solenoids are relays, a kind of convenient remote switch. They can switch a high current load using a regular switch in the control circuit.

Other Products

Cole Hersee also manufactures Relays, Tractor-Trailer Connectors, Buzzers and Alarms, Pilot Lights, Circuit Breakers, and Terminal Blocks. Other electrical parts for heavy duty and industrial applications are available. Distributor and OEM inquiries welcome.


The Cole Hersee brand, a Littelfuse company, manufactures the broadest range of vehicle switches, connectors and electrical & electronic products. Any type of modification to these components can be made. If you have the need, it can be designed and manufactured as new components or products to order.

Their engineers typically work in concert with your design staff to reach the right solution. We can work together to utilize totally new technologies. Littelfuse and Cole Hersee are constantly innovating to bring to the market components using new applications for technology.

The Commercial Vehicle Products division of Littelfuse manufactures switches with the famous Cole Hersee brand.


Littelfuse and its Commercial Vehicle Products division are committed to meeting customer expectations and providing quality products and services at a competitive price. In support of this commitment, Littelfuse promises to:

  • Encourage quality awareness and quality performance in all associates at all levels of the company through management leadership.
  • Promote the participation of all associates in making individual contributions to the quality improvement process.
  • Support continuous quality improvement by providing our associates with the necessary training, tools, and information feedback to enable enhancement of the quality of our products and services.
  • Develop relationships with suppliers who consistently demonstrate their ability to fulfill quality, price and delivery objectives that are mutually beneficial.
  • Build quality into our products and services, striving for zero defects in everything we do, thereby reducing cost and increasing total customer satisfaction.

Littelfuse Littelfuse, Inc (NASDAQ:LFUS) is the worldwide leader in circuit protection, offering the industry’s broadest and deepest portfolio of circuit protection products and solutions. Backed by industry-leading technical support, design and manufacturing expertise, Littelfuse products are vital components in virtually every product that uses electrical energy, including portable and consumer electronics, automobiles, industrial equipment and telecom/datacom circuits. In addition to its Chicago, Illinois, world headquarters, Littelfuse has over 20 sales, distribution, manufacturing and engineering facilities in the Americas, Europe and Asia
Littelfuse CVP has proudly held ISO Certification status since 1993. Littelfuse Commercial Vehicles Products is certified to ISO9001:2008


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Manufacturer Website: www.colehersee.com and www.littelfuse.com