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Category:Tools, Equipment & Auto Repair Products
Regions/Markets Represented:Worldwide, except United States and Canada
Location:Weaversville, North Carolina, United States 

Dorian Drake’s Automotive Group is the sales and marketing representative of the Balcrank brand of equipment in its markets.

Balcrank Corporation manufactures and supplies dispensing equipment used in the automotive, commercial and industrial markets.  Their products can be used for automotive quick lube facilities, dealerships, fleet, and commercial vehicle applications. Balcrank manufactures pumps, retractable hose reels, patented waste oil drains, control handles, control valves, fluid inventory control and management systems and other lubrication equipment accessories.

Manufacturer Products/ Equipment


Balcrank’s involvement in the Automotive, Commercial and Industrial markets dictate that their pumps must be consistent with our customers’ requirements for performance, durability, reliability, and after-market support. At Balcrank their pump families are engineered for specific applications and customer types.

Tank Packages

Oil Marketer’s need quick and easy to install solutions for self-contained bulk oil tank packages.  Whether you are looking for complete or tank-less packages, Balcrank has combined the best pump, hose reel, and control handles into complete tank packages.

Hose Reels

The Balcrank “Signature Series” family of hose reels is built for the toughest environments and applications. Throughout the Signature Series, quality, dependability and innovative features are first and foremost.

Control Handles

Control handles endure the abuse of being dropped, bumped, jarred, and sometimes, even run over. From mechanical to digital, pistol grip to in-line, preset, and standard, Balcrank has you covered, and even better, all handles are designed with shock resistant, high impact nylon shrouds.


Balcrank has the most comprehensive line of fluid inventory control systems in the industry. From the entry level Director Jr. to the powerful, full featured Synergy system.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Products

Balcrank has designed and manufactured quality fluid dispensing equipment systems and packages for the Automotive, Commercial, and Industrial Marketplace.

Used Fuel

Balcrank manufactures everything you need to handle used vehicle fluids safely. They also offer portable drains, evacuation pumping systems, and monitoring equipment.


A name synonymous with quality. Provides conventional products for basic service bay needs; from grease guns to drain pans.


Balcrank offers the parts, accessories and kits you need to maintain or enhance a single pump or an entire pumping system


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