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Category:Chemical & Appearance Products
Regions/Markets Represented: Worldwide, excluding Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Lebanon, South Korea, China, United States, and Canada.
Location:Cleburne, Texas, United States

Dorian Drake’s Automotive Group is the sales and marketing representative of the Johnsen’s brand in its markets.

Technical Chemical Company is the manufacturer of the Johnsen’s brand of automotive specialty chemicals. They are committed to producing quality products that their customers expect at competitive prices the market place demands. Johnsen’s offers an extended range of products from Brake Cleaners, Brake Fluids, Carburetor Cleaners, Refrigerant and much more.

Johnsen’s rigorous quality control testing ensures consistency throughout their product line and dependability you can count on. Their products are backed by our experienced sales team and dedicated and knowledgeable customer service team.

Manufacturer Products

Lubricating Aerosols

are special additives that loosen rust and soak into subsurface areas. Their silicone lubricant is specifically formulated to provide superior all-purpose lubrication and protection. Prolongs life, prevents squeaks and lubricates. These can be used on door hinges, seat racks, wiper linkage, and carburetor linkage and window channels; to list a few applications.

Brake Fluid

is a premium, quality brake fluid that contains special ingredients to guard against vapor lock and moisture absorption, which meets and exceeds DOT 3 and all other Federal and SAE specifications and standards for motor vehicle brake fluids. DOT 4 and DOT 5 brake fluid available. Designed for use in disc, drum and ABS brake systems. Brake cleaners help to removes oil, grease, brake fluid and contaminants quickly and with no residue. For use on all ABS, disc and drum brakes.

Cleaners and Degreasers

are for everyday routine cleaning tasks. They quickly remove grease, oil and dirt, which produce sparkling results when used on hard surfaces.

Fuel Additives

are used in the fuel system for better starts, smoother idling and maximize fuel economy.

Oil treatment

can be used to quiet noisy engines, reduce oil burning and coats moving parts with a tough film that decreases friction and increases power.

Air Conditioning Products

include an extensive line of A/C refrigerants, lubricants, treatments and accessories to make recharging and maintaining your auto A/C system easier. All refrigerants are for use in factory installed and/or retrofitted R-134a auto A/C systems which come with standard ACME threaded cap and meets AHRI 700-2006 and SAE J 2776 purity standards.

Power Steering Fluid

is a high quality power steering fluid and conditioner that mixes with most factory power steering fluids, which helps stop pump squealing, protects seals and helps prevent unusual wear.

Radiator Treatment

is formulated to help in the prevention of rust and corrosion in automotive cooling systems. this product may be used in all cooling systems. It is designed to protect aluminum, copper, iron and other parts of the cooling system.



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