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Category:Heavy Duty
Regions/Markets Represented: Worldwide except United States and Canada.
Location:Culberston, Nebraska, United States
Revolutionary Lighting Solutions

Dorian Drake’s Automotive Group is the sales and marketing representative of Golight products in its markets.

Golight is the leading manufacturer of remote controlled spotlights and search lights for the military, utility, emergency services, and recreational vehicle industries. Powerful light sources, precision engineered reflectors and high performance optics is the most important characteristics of directional lighting. Golight, Inc. is committed to continually developing and testing new illumination and night vision technologies that produce more powerful and useful light sources. Golight offers designs for usability in countless applications.

Market Applications

  • Marine Lighting
  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire and Rescue
  • Utility Lighting
  • Industrial Lighting
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Military Lighting
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Agriculture Production
  • Automotive Lighting

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Manufacturer Products/Equipment

Golight & RadioRay:

Exclusive Cr5 Pentabeam™ Technology, Remote Controlled Operation, 370° Rotation x 135° Tilt, 225,000 Candela, 5,5 Apms, UV Ray and Saltwater Resistant, Weatherproof for Land and Sea Applications, Permanent-Mount and Portable-Mount Options.


Multiple Illumination Options – Spot, Flood, IR, Floodlight Output 6000 Max Lumens, Spotlight Intensity 110,000 Candela, 94% Optical Efficiency, 50,000 hr Life Expectancy, 9-32 Volt DC Input, IP 68 Rating, Shock Proof Solid State Lighting, Instant On, Quick Adjust Mounting Cradle, Operating Temp Range: -40° – 145° F, Low Power Draw, Powder Coat Cast Aluminum Heat Sync, Helio GXL Stryker, Stryker HID, Stryker LED, Profiler II

Stryker LED:

LED Technology, Remote Controlled Operation, Three Different Remote Options, 370° Rotation x 135° Tilt, Stainless Steel Mounting Plate System, Integrated 12v DC High-Torque Motors, Weatherproof for Land and Sea Applications, U.V. Ray and Salt Water Resistant, 2.8 Amps with 12v Power Source (24v Optional), NEW – Magnetic Base Now Available

Stryker HID:

1 Mile Effective Beam Distance, Wireless Remote Controlled Operation, 370° Rotation x 135° Tilt, 550,000 Candela, Retrofits Available, Quick Start Up Time, Integrated 12V DC High-Torque Motors, Weatherproof for Land and Sea Applications, Waterproof Remote Transmitters, R.F. Programmable Super Heterodyne Receiver


Detects Heat Differentials between 32° F – 240° F, 1500′ detection Range, 370° Rotation x 135° Tilt, 320 x 240 High resolution camera, Wired or Wireless remote options, Internal core heater prevents lens icing, Imaging through fog, smoke, precipitation, Heated objects displayed as ‘white hot’, Shielded Video Cable


360° Rotation, 90° Tilt, 1000 Lumen 55 watt bulb, 80,000 candela Peak Beam Intensity, Compact Programmable RF Wireless Remote Control with 16 security settings, 12′ stanchion raises light above the trolling motor, Integral bi-color navigation light with USCG 1 N.M. rating, Adaptable to both two and three pin nav-light sockets.


When it comes to the rigors of outdoor exposure, durability is no option—it’s a necessity. No matter what the element, saltwater, sunlight, rain, sleet, sand, heat, and cold, their lights meet the challenge of all of these conditions, and more. Whatever nature decides to throw your way, you can depend on the quality, construction and materials of the Golight. Ultra-violet ray and saltwater resistant, the highest quality UV materials are implemented into our impact resistant casing to protect from cracking, warping and discoloration. The vital mechanisms of each Golight are sealed from exposure to rain, snow and dirt—ensuring that your Golight® is ready to weather any storm you can take it through.


The patented Golight designs reflect thousands of uses and applications for portable lighting. All Golight units combine a unique 370° rotation with 135° tilt—creating a sphere of coverage that reaches the most extreme angles. Remote control options give the user precision control from virtually anywhere—inside a squad car, atop a boom truck or from across the yard. Unlike other searchlights, Golight units offer either permanent or temporary mounting options to better adapt to your application needs.


Power is the first priority in searchlight capability. At Golight, Inc., our design engineers are committed to continually developing and testing new bulb and reflective technologies that produce brighter, more powerful light sources. Combined with a revolutionary five-sided parabolic reflector with an axial filament Philip’s® bulb, Cr5 Pentabeam™ technology generates an extremely bright, virtually perfect beam of light to eliminate dark spots, cast a broad spectral pattern and reach distances of up to one-half mile. Projecting more usable light than other brands, the Cr5 Pentabeam™ brings more power to you, anywhere you go.

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