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Category: Medical – Wound Therapy
Regions/Markets Represented: Mexico, Central and South America, The Caribbean Islands
Location:Temecula, CA United States
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Dorian Drake International is the sales and marketing representative of Pensar Medical wound therapy products throughout the Latin American markets. Dorian Drake International markets Pensar Medical’s WoundPro Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System, dressing kits, and accessories with the goal of establishing export distribution and increasing sales in international markets. Pensar Medical products are available for export sale and distribution throughout Latin America.

Why Should You Choose Pensar Medical Products?WoundPro Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System on Dorian Drake International

Pensar Medical delivers a valid and cost-effective option in the Negative Pressure Wound Therapy market. With innovation and constant improvement in mind, Pensar Medical’s products is a viable alternative offering high-quality products that are reliable, cost effective and rival the features of the top market brands.

The two principals that make up Pensar Medical have spent the vast majority of their professional lives in the healthcare industry. Both have proven track records of bringing innovative and cost-effective products that have changed the way patients are cared for in healthcare facilities.

With Pensar Medical’s products you can make the right therapeutic decisions for your facility, your budget and most of all, your patient.

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Pensar Medical product lines feature:

WoundPro Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System

Pensar Medical delivers the easy to use and fully featured WoundPro® Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System. The WoundPro Control Unit comes complete with everything you need to administer negative pressure wound therapy. Just choose your dressing kit style and size, and matching canister and you are ready to go.

Pensar Medical’s state-of-the-art WoundPro control unit offers three types of negative pressure therapy (continuous, intermittent, variable intermittent) that allows you to choose how to treat wounds with full adjustability for time. The WoundPro is both reliable and easy to use, and is one of the most powerful in the industry. The WoundPro provides the highest levels of therapy without the high price.

User friendly features:Pensar 0181- WoundPro Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System on Dorian Drake International -Control-Unit_Cont-125_bg-1-697x700

  • Easy to read and understand control panel
  • Fully adjustable – Can adjust pressures from 0mmHg to 200mmHg
  • Very powerful 8 lpm pump
  • Offers all three negative pressure therapies (continuous, intermittent, variable intermittent)
  • Automatic and Continuous System Checks and Alarms
    • Canister full, suction line blocked, vacuum leak, standby mode, and low battery power
  • Full battery operation and 24 hour back-up system
  • A choice of canister sizes available in 300cc or 800cc
    • Semi-opaque canister construction enables the user to see the fluid level but not the exudate contents
    • Canister illumination button
  • Lightweight and very portable – Stylish carrying case with additional pocket for personal items
  • EZ-Clasp Attachment System – Allows for easy and quick attachment to an IV pole or footboard

The WoundPro Control Unit is the right choice for many healthcare professionals, in virtually any healthcare setting.

The WoundPro® Dressing Kits

Pensar Medical Advanced Dressing kits on Dorian Drake International _col-bg_v2Pensar Medical’s new Basic Series and Advanced Series Dressing Kits, provide the power to deliver the correct, cost-effective care for your patient in  virtually any healthcare setting. Adhering to the highest standards in the healthcare market, the Basic and Advanced Series Foam Dressing Kits offer unsurpassed quality and the best materials available.

Both the Basic Series and Advanced Series dressing kits feature

Hydrophobic medical grade foam:

  • Meets all applicable standards for quality, cleanliness, specification and tolerances (tested and passed for biocompatibility and cytotoxicity)
  • Offers a pore size well within the range that is most advantageous for this therapy allowing efficient removal of exudate and helps to prevent in-growth into the foam
  • Provides excellent tensile strength that virtually eliminates the chance of flaking and leaving particulate matter in the wound bed
  • Non-absorbent material allows exudate to pass through for collection in the canister and away from the wound site

New and improved outer drape:

  • 3 tab pull system makes it easy to apply
  • Aggressive adhesive helps to prevent micro leaks
  • Clear backing layer takes the guess work out of proper and targeted application over the wound
  • Linear logo placement serves as guidelines for cutting into strips if needed
  • More substantial drape material makes it easier to apply and less subject to the effects of static electricity

Basic Series Dressing Kits – An economical line of dressing kits for the price-sensitive segments of the market, such as the home care market. The Basic Series dressing kits will contain all of the essentials for the proper dressing of a wound, such as skin prep pad, foam dressing, two outer drapes (in medium and large kits), single lumen StingRay™ suction bell, and one tubing clamp.  These economical kits will not sacrifice care, but will enable you to better compete in the home care market with your WoundPro Negative Pressure Control Units.

Advanced Series Dressing Kits – A more sophisticated and technologically advanced line of dressing kits to better compete in the acute and LTAC market places. It provides unsurpassed care, primarily because of the patent pending, dual lumen StingRay suction bell.  The StingRay enables our advanced kits to measure pressure at the wound site, unlike other products that measure pressure as far as 34” away or more.  In short, you are assured that the pressure set at the control unit is exactly what is happening at the wound site.

The Advanced Series includes everything you need to create a nurturing, healing environment for virtually any wound, such as skin prep pad, foam dressing, two outer drapes in medium and large kits (one in small kit), dual lumen StingRay™ Suction Bell, color-coded Quick Connect tubing connectors, illustrated dressing instructions, ruler for wound measurement, patient identification and information sticker.  In addition, features such as Sure-Lock hose connections prevent inadvertent disconnects when patient moves in the middle of the night via a quarter-turn audible click to ensure a leak-proof connection and allows for quick and easy canister and dressing changes. There are also no difficult to work-with clamps that are potential pressure points if the patient is lying on them.

The Advanced Series dressing kits offers the highest levels of technology available on the market today.


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Would you like to become a distributor or just want to know where to buy Pensar Medical products?

Dorian Drake International is an Export Management Company with a mission to build distribution for Pensar Medical products in the Latin American market. Dorian Drake and Pensar Medical jointly intend to work closely with our distributor partners in creating demand for products in both the acute and sub-acute markets.

Are you a distributor looking for high-quality designed products for wound therapy? Are you a health professional, dealer, vendor, or end-user trying trying to find Pensar Medical products in your area? Contact Us!


Dorian Drake International is an Export Management Company with a mission to build distribution for Pensar Medical products in the Latin American market.

Manufacturer’s website: http://www.pensarmedical.com/