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Newman Medical

Regions/Markets Represented:Mexico, The Caribbean Islands, Central and South America
Location:Arvada, CO United States
“Built to Last” TOUGH and Sensitive

Dorian Drake International is the sales and marketing representative of Newman Medical products throughout the latin american markets. Dorian Drake International markets DigiDop Dopplers and simpleABI systems with the goal of establishing distribution and increasing sales in international markets.  Newman Medical products are available for export sale and distribution throughout Latin America.

Based out of Arvada, Colorado in the United States, Newman Medical manufactures the DigiDop brand of dopplers for obstetrical and vascular examinations and the simpleABI brand of systems to diagnose arterial disease.  Additionally available are the various accessories that enhance the use and operation of this specialty equipment.

The management of Newman Medical, an employee-owned and operated company, has been in the Doppler/Vascular business since 1976, starting with founding Imex Medical Systems. They were also the founders of the Vascular Disease Foundation, a non-profit patient education foundation.

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Newman Medical product lines feature:

DigiDop Dopplers

Newman Medical offers a wide variety of easy to use products for either obstetrical or vascular examinations. Newman’s hand held dopplers use interchangeable probes, making them ideal for use throughout pregnancy or for diagnosing vascular conditions. Newman’s ABI system calculates ABI, TBI, and segmental studies for the diagnosis of peripheral arterial disease.

Obstetrics – Fetal Dopplers by Newman Medical digitally optimize probe signal to reduce background noise and provide the highest quality response. With interchangeable probes, Newman’s easy to use fetal dopplers are ideal for use throughout pregnancy.

Vascular – Vascular Dopplers by Newman Medical provide a strong and sensitive probe signal, even from the smallest arteries. Newman’s hand held vascular dopplers digitally filter the probe signal to reduce background noise, making it ideal for diagnosing vascular conditions.

What makes the DigiDop difference?

Best Sound – Digitally optimized processing (DOP™)

The DigiDop provides a unique powerful combination of tough durability along with proven, measured sensitivity. We all know that the real key to a great doppler is performance – sensitivity and sound quality.  Newman Medical dopplers have been found to have a signal more than six times greater than some other dopplers.  The Digitally Optimized Processing – DOP™ – eliminates most background noise while letting the Doppler sounds through bright and clear. With DOP each interchangeable probe can be optimized with different filtering in the main unit.

The DigiDop II systems for both obstetrics and vascular applications offer breakthrough sensitivy, extended depth probes, and a smart recharge system.  The premium rechargeable batteries in the DigiDop II stay charged for years when not in use and can be recharged more than 2000 times. A significant cost savings and reduction in waste.

simpleABI Systems with Cuff Link

Are you looking for an automated or manual system for the Diagnosis of Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)? Choose simpleABI systems with Cuff-Link.

PAD is a manifestation of systemic atherosclerotic disease that leads to increased mortality, amputations, stroke, and MIs, as well as diminished quality of life. To detect PAD, Newman Medical is proud to introduce simpleABI systems for the diagnosis of Peripheral Arterial Disease. Newman Medical’s vascular diagnostic systems are designed to easily allow an end-user to perform the ABI and other lower arterial extremity tests.

  1. Easy & Efficient workflow – (Cuff-link Automated Ankle Brachial Testing ) SimpleABI systems are easy to use and provide increase in workflow efficiency. With the Cuff-link automation, single level or multi‐level exams proceed quickly to completion. No moving cuffs or tubing during standard exams, help your staff improve efficiency of vascular testing.
  2. Choose the system to meet your needs – Any budget, Any protocol – ankle brachial testing, segmental testing, ABI stress testing. SimpleABI systems has you covered from single level testing to multilevel testing to vascular stress testing. From manual, cost-effective systems to fully automated. Whatever arterial testing you want, simpleABI systems has a solution.

ABI and Vascualar Testing Made Simple

SimpleABI Systems from Newman Medical makes vascular testing simple and accurate. With the familiar and straightforward user interface of a PC, coupled with the new automation of the simpleABI with Cuff-Link, accurate testing and reporting is fast and easy – even for those with little or no experience.  Integrated Cuff-Link with color coded hoses and automated cuff selecter saves time and reduces errors.  Dual ankle pressures are taken with a sensitive doppler – the required “gold standard” for vascular diagnosis.


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Dorian Drake International is an Export Management Company with a mission to build distribution for Newman Medical products in the Latin American market.

Manufacturer’s website: http://www.newman-medical.com/