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Burton Medical


Category: Medical Lighting Equipment: Examination Lights, Surgical Lights, Magnifiers, Task Lights
Regions/Markets Represented: Latin America and the Caribbean

Location: Addison, IL, United States

Burton Medical lighting equipment is available for export sale and distribution in Latin America and the Caribbean. Dorian Drake International is the sales and marketing representative of Burton Medical examination and surgical lighting products in its territories.

The Brightest Ideas in Lighting

Burton Medical, LLC, is a leader in designing and manufacturing high-quality examination and surgery lighting equipment.


Burton Medical, headquartered in Illinois, USA, has been serving the Healthcare Industry for over 90 years. They are widely known for superior quality, exceptional value, and long-lasting solutions to complex lighting issues facing physicians, surgeons and veterinarians throughout the world. Burton Medical takes pride in designing and providing lights used for examination, procedure and surgical use in human and animal healthcare applications. Burton has over 300,000 lights installed in the United States alone and continues to grow based on its quality, reliability, and extraordinary warranty.

Enhance your Vision, Comfort and Performance in All Exams and Surgeries.

Burton is the market leader in medical task lighting devices and engaged in the design, manufacturing and distribution of high quality examination and surgery lighting. Burton has one of the largest lighting portfolios for examination lighting and has embraced the shift to LED.

Brighter Lights with no Increase in Heat, Designed and Manufactured by Burton

Examination Lights

Surgical Lights


Burton’s Medical Lighting is Ideal for the Following Applications:

• Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Mohs Surgery
• General Office Exams: OB/GYN, ENT, etc.
• Ambulatory Care
• Trauma, E.R.
• Minor Procedures – Walk-in Clinics
• Anatomy Labs,  Mortuary, Forensics
• Animal Health, Veterinary Care

Certified as an ISO 13485 Manufacturing Facility, the Global Standard for Medical Device Manufacturers

As an FDA registered facility , Burton manufactures products to meet all FDA requirements, UL and CE standards.

  • ISO 13485 Medical Device
    • Maintain a industry standard Quality Management System
    • Provides greater confidence of quality and consistent products
  • IEC 60601 1, IEC 60601 1 2, IEC 60601 2 41 and collateral standards
    • Stringent medical safety testing verifies products are safe for user and patient use
    • Medical EMC testing verifies product meets susceptibility to external factors (transient, surges, etc.) and does not emit RF that interfere with other products within the proximity.
    • Essential requirements verifies product performs as intended:
      • CCT is within medical standards range for visual acuity
      • CRI is above 85 to render colors accurately (Burton is >90)
      • Central illuminance (lux) is sufficient for the intended use


Dorian Drake International - Burton Medical - Lighting Equipment

Interested in becoming a distributor or want to know where to buy Burton Medical lighting products?

Dorian Drake International is an Export Management Company with a mission to build distribution for Burton Medical products in select markets. Dorian Drake and Burton Medical jointly intend to work closely with our distributor partners in creating demand for products in both the acute and sub-acute markets.

Are you a distributor looking for high-quality surgical, magnifier, and examination lights? Are you a health professional, hospital, clinic, dealer, or end-user trying to find Burton Medical lighting in your country? Contact Us!



Manufacturer’s website: www.BurtonMedical.com