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Blue Chip Medical Products

Blue Chip Medical Products, Medical Mattresses, Mattress Overlays, Seat Positioning Cushions, exported by Dorian Drake to Latin America

Category:Therapeutic and Medical Mattresses, Mattress Overlays, institutional and hospital Patient Safety Medical Products
Regions/Markets Represented:Mexico, Central American, South America, & the Caribbean
Location:Suffern, New York United States

Providing Top Tier, Blue Chip-Quality Medical Products!

Dorian Drake International’s Medical Group represents Blue Chip Medical, a manufacturer offering a full range of high quality USA-made therapeutic medical mattresses, mattress overlays, and a variety of hospital and institutional patient safety products. Dorian Drake International’s focus is to build distribution and brand recognition.

Blue Chip Medical’s focus is to develop great quality and clinically viable products and provide them to market at a cost effective price point whereby enhancing the quality of life of individual patients.

Based out of its corporate headquarters and 8,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Suffern, NY, Blue Chip Medical offers a variety of hospital and institutional products geared to hospital administrators and patient care facilities. Blue Chip Medical’s team develops medical products with real features based on the expertise developed over a lifetime of years to create a better product.  With knowledge and experience in development and manufacturing, and clinical care, Blue Chip Medical designs and produces high quality hospital and institutional medical products, with a focus on continuous improvements.



Manufacturer Products/Equipment

Blue Chip Medical products include:

  • Medical mattresses – Blue Chip medical mattress systems incorporate a variety of therapies including, alternating pressure mattress systems, therapeutic foam mattresses, gel and water mattresses. Advanced technology and clinically effective features. Adult, pediatric, geriatric and bariatric. Blue Chip pressure redistributing mattress systems are clinically effective for the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers.
  • Mattress overlays – Blue Chip Medical’s line of therapeutic medical mattress overlays offer the maximum protection to guard against the incidence of pressure ulcers. We manufacture a full line of gel, foam, water and air mattress overlay systems. Blue Chip’s pressure redistributing mattress overlays can be modified for the bariatric patient.
  • Wheelchair seating & positioning products – Blue Chip Medical’s line of therapeutic seating and positioning systems include wheelchair seating, wheelchair positioning and anti-thrust cushions. Our seating products are constructed from a variety of materials including our foam, gel and alternating air systems. All Blue Chip seating and positioning systems can be modified for the bariatric patient.
  • Hospital & institutional patient safety products – Blue Chip manufactures a complete line of patient safety and fall prevention products. Blue Chip hospital and institutional products were developed to meet the heavy-duty requirements necessary for institutional use. Foam and Gel Operating Room (OR) and Emergency Room (ER) replacement stretcher mattresses and imaging table pads. Blue Chip manufactures replacement stretcher mattresses and custom cart covers for all equipment manufacturers.
  • Patient room accessories – Blue Chip manufactures patient room accessories including patient safety and fall prevention products including side rail bumpers, lift slings, plastic equipment bags and hospital pillows.

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What makes Blue Chip Medical products the “better choice”?

  • Top-tier quality and durable hospital products with the majority of the products manufactured in the USA
  • Clinically effective with usable features based on market expertise
  • Continuous quality improvements
  • Cost-effective to enhance dealer and distributor selling efforts in competitive environments and increase purchasing power of hospital purchasing teams and patient care facilities




Blue Chip Medical’s line of hospital products provides USA-made quality at a cost-effective price point allowing patient care facilities to enhance a patient’s quality of life.

Would you like to become a distributor or just want to know where to buy buy Blue Chip Medical products?

Contact Dorian Drake International for more information. We are Blue Chip Medical’s authorized representative for Latin America and the Caribbean.


Manufacturer Website: www.BlueChipMedical.com