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Category:Lithotomy Stirrups, boots
Regions/Markets Represented:Latin America & the Caribbean
Location:Naples, Florida, United States

Lithotomy Made Safe and Simple!

Dorian Drake International’s Medical Group represents GStirrup, a provider of high-quality lithotomy boots. GStirrup allows for patients to be positioned for in-office procedures. Since its release, the GStirrup has been used by thousands of physicians and patients around the world. The GStirrup has been in use since 2010, providing excellent leg stability and comfort for patients. With this new multi-specialty designed lithotomy boot, patients will experience increased comfort and safety during procedures. This product can be used with patients experiencing lower back pain, arthritis, neurological conditions, and hip replacements.



The GStirrup creates a safe and secure place for the patient’s legs that prevents excessive movement during procedures that require a motionless patient.


Easily adjustable, GStirrup has +/-15º of adjustability in both abductability, and adductability. Additionally the heel position is adjustable to 10°.


The GStirrup was developed for compatibility and universally fits on almost any existing stirrups on the market, without the need for table alterations.


Created from medical grade materials. The GStirrup lithotomy Boots are easily sterilized by hand, or in a medical sterilization machine. This allows for quick sterilization between procedures.


The GStirrup is a fraction of the cost of its competitors.  Additionally, they can easily fit on many existing stirrups in the market without the need for table alterations.





Featured Products

GStirrup products include:

  • Lithotomy Boots
  • Boot Liners
  • Patient Boot Straps
  • Foam Foot Pads
  • Fitting wedge
  • Disposable socks

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The GStirrup lithotomy boots are the future of office patient safety. It provides revolutionary comfort and stability in one portable universal solution.


Would you like to become a distributor or just want to know where to buy GStirrup?

Contact Dorian Drake International for more information.  We are GStirrup’s authorized representative for Latin America & the Caribbean.


Manufacturer Website: http://gstirrup.com