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SPAN Specialty Industrial Pressure Gauges

Category:Specialty Industrial Pressure Gauges, Sub-Sea Pressure Gauges, Pressure Transducers & Switches
Regions/Markets Represented:Africa, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, Europe (except UK), Latin America & the Caribbean, the Middle East
Location:Wisconsin, United States

Based in Wisconsin, USA, the Thuemling Instruments Group designs and manufactures specialty liquid-filled and dry industrial pressure gauges to the industrial, fire, irrigation, mobile hydraulics, sub-sea, top side, and sanitary industries. SPAN pressure gauges are constructed to handle the harshest conditions and for rugged service applications. Offering superior quality and 75 years of combined experience in the “gauge business,” Thuemling’s advanced manufacturing techniques meet the highest industry performance standards.

SPAN Gauges are Built to Take the Pressure.

Born in the ‘Oil Patch’ in 1970, the SPAN liquid-filled pressure gauge was the standard for offshore platform, ROV, panel makers, and oil patch support equipment.

SPAN gauges are designed for rugged service applications where brass & copper materials, or 316 stainless steel materials, are compatible with the media being used. Liquid fill fluid dampens the gauge pointer and movement for improved readings and longer life, making SPAN gauges ideal for high shock and vibration applications.


Stainless Steel Liquid Filled Pressure Gauges – 2.5″, 3.5″ 4.5″ dial sizes.


Brass Liquid Filled Pressure Gauges – 2.5″, 3.5″ 4.5″ dial sizes.

  • Mobile Hydraulic Equipment
  • Irrigation / Water Purification
  • Waste Water / Slurry
  • Fire Apparatus
  • Food / Pharmaceutical
  • Bulk Transport Trailers
  • Military/Marine
  • “Fully Filled”: The internal “breathing diaphragm” eliminates the need for an air bubble in the mid-range of the gauge, which can distort readings and looks unsightly.
  • Temperature-compensated: The ICD compensates the case (to 150° F) for changes in internal case pressure caused by fluctuations in ambient temperature. (Especially critical in lower pressure and vacuum gauges.)
  • Freezeproof: The KEM-X Socket Saver is an internal diaphragm seal to prevent freezing, clogging and corrosion. It is available on all SPAN gauges.
  • Lighted Dial: SPAN offers the only lighted and liquid-filled gauge. 12 volt incandescent or LED in white, blue, green, or red.

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Other Products:

SPAN-industrial-pressure-gauges-stainless-caseStainless Case Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge SPAN-industrial-pressure-gauges-transducers

Transducers & Pressure Switches

Steel Case Dry
Economy Gauges
high-pressure-industrial-pressure-gaugesH.P. Series Pressure Gauges (High Pressure)

SPAN gauges have many optional features that allow a user to develop a basic or special product specification.

Sub-Sea Pressure Gauges

SPAN Sub Sea Gauges are made to order and have special construction for this application. The Zytel case and ring offer a good appearance and excellent resistance to chemical, weather, and corrosion attack.


  • Sub-Sea Applications
  • ROV Equipment and Panels
  • Military, Marine
  • Mobile Hydraulic Equipment

Fire Apparatus Industrial Gauges

Thuemling Instrument Group manufactures the FA, SCBA, 50/50, and BC series of fire apparatus gauges for the fire fighting industry.

FC Series


The ‘Original’ fire truck liquid-filled gauge – more refined and rugged than ever.

BC Series


The new 63mm and 100mm cast brass-cased, liquid-filled pressure gauges

50/50 Series


The ultimate liquid-filled drafting gauge designed for rural operations.

SCBA Series


Breathing Air Compressor Gauges. Your ONE Source For Both Full 2.65″ & 63mm Panel Mounting Sizes – All Ranges

Gauge Types:
  • Firetruck liquid filled gauges
  • Breathing compressor gauges
  • Liquid filled drafting gauges
  • Brass cased gauges

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