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Regions/Markets Represented:Worldwide except for the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada
Location:Greenwich, New York, United States

Dorian Drake’s Industrial and Environmental Group is the sales and marketing representative of the BDP Industries brand of equipment in its markets.

Years of experience, leading technology, and superior service…BDP is your choice for Custom Dewatering Solutions. BDP supplies custom designed dewatering equipment for several prestigious Fortune 500 companies. With thousands of installations throughout the world, and a 40,000 square-foot manufacturing facility, BDP Industries is the most modern and complete solids dewatering supplier in the world.

Manufacturer Products

  • Gravity Belt Thickeners
  • Belt Presses
  • Rotary Drum Concentrators
  • Lime Stabilization Systems
  • Polymer Systems
  • Compost Turning Equipment
  • Pulp & Paper Stock Thickeners
  • Conveyors
  • Process Control Panels
  • Equipment Restoration
  • Mobile Dewatering Equipment

Why BDP?

BDP’s Philosophy is different than most. The theory that one design fits all is alien to us. BDP’s product models are designed specifically for the client’s industry. BDP’s mission is to provide “F.A.S.T” service to valued customers:dewatering option

  • Functional Design
  • Accomplished Staff
  • Service Oriented
  • Timely Delivery and Response


BDP has a strong line of products for municipal waste water treatment. Municipal Products: Gravity Belt Thickener, 3DPBelt Press, 2VP Press, DDP Press


BDP Industries has a strong line of solid/liquid separation products for the industrial market. Industrial Products: Gravity Belt Thickener, Rotary Concentrator, 3DPBelt Press, 2VP Press

Pulp & Paper

BDP Industries product line includes a 2.5 meter model can produce 100tpd @ 48%wt on primary/secondary sludge. Pulp & Paper Products: Gravity Belt Thickener HO3x3 Belt Press HO2x3 Belt Pressrotary drum thickener


BDP Industries has built presses to dewater mineral tailings since 1988. BDP’s mineral belt presses are designed for the abrasive, extremely heavy cake weight, high viscosity slurries encountered in aggregate slimes, base metal mineral tailings and coal refuse. Mineral Product: Sahara Press.

Phenomenal Growth & Accomplishments:

  • First Belt Press 1978
  • Experience in product development and personalized service going back to the early 1970’s
  • Thousands of installations throughout the world
  • Installations on all continents
  • Quality Parts and Service capability matching our growth

Aggressively pursuing product improvement:highest cake solids in the industry

  • One of the first to come out with Gravity Belt Thickener, 1989
  • First to build a structurally reliable 3 meter belt width press
  • Working installations up to 3.6 m belt width
  • First to design bleaching stage into the pressure section in 1985
  • Installations operating at 750 plinip pressure
  • Private contract Twin wire product design for a Fortune 500 chemical company’s new process
  • 3-belt press design, 1993
  • Vertical pressure section, providing superior dewatering
  • Private product development and manufacturing for several Fortune 500 process equipment companies.
  • One of the first 4 meter wide Gravity Belt Thickeners.

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For more information, speak to a BDP authorized representative from Dorian Drake International.

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Manufacturer Website: www.bdpindustries.com