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Category:Specialty Industrial Gear, Centrifugal, Rubber, Impeller pumps
Regions/Markets Represented:Worldwide, except the United States and Canada
Location:Fraser, Michigan, United States

Based in Michigan, USA, MP and Oberdorfer brands of transfer pumps combine to offer a complete portfolio of the centrifugal, flexible impeller, and gear pumps and solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. From power generation to food processing, these pumps have been a reliable source for OEMs in the agriculture, marine, transportation, warewash, petroleum, and general industry for 200 years combined.

Diverse Line of Perfected Gear Pumps

The family of gear pumps from Oberdorfer has provided reliable and diverse operations in the field for our customers for more than 100 years. The helical gears, which are cut on an angle to the face of the gear, allow for more material contact resulting in a better hydraulic range and quieter operation. Oberdorfer has a full selection of styles and models which include:

  • External Gear Pumps
  • Pedestal Mount Gear Pumps
  • Clutch Driven Gear Pumps
  • Motor Mount Gear Pumps
Bronze Gear PumpBronze Gear Pump- Model N1000Pump housings and gears are made of top-quality bronze. Bearings are made of high-performance carbon-graphite material selected for wear resistance and long service life. Lead-Free Alloy
Lead-Free Alloy Gear Pump, Model NL4000LOberdorfer’s new gear pumps deliver efficient and reliable flow for your sugarhouse maple sugar filter press and maple cream machinery

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Gear Pump, Model R102 MCHEMSTEEL™ pumps are designed to handle highly corrosive liquids preventing system contamination while maintaining the integrity of the chemical being handled. 

Non-Metallic Gear PumpNon-Metallic Gear Pump, Model S203 NMManufactured to extremely precise tolerance this pump line prevents system contamination while maintaining the purity and integrity of the liquid being pumped.


Centrifugal Pumps

Oberdorfer centrifugal pumps are of the single-stage and end suction. Centrifugals are quieter and require no relief valve to protect the pumps from pressure build-up. Centrifugal family models are constructed out of bronze, which is ideal in marine applications and for handling harsh solvents. Models use open vane style and enclosed style impellers, these pumps are also well suited for thin fluids and normally run at 3450 RPM speed.

Self Priming Centrifugal Pumps

Self Priming Centrifugal Pumps, Model 300B

This close-coupled style bronze self-priming centrifugal pump can handle impurities in the liquid and the flow in the discharge line may be throttled or shut off without the need for a relief valve.

Bronze Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal Pumps, Models 104M (Right) and 60P (Left)

Up to 100 GPM and 60 PSI

Can Handle Most Difficult Solvents with
Proper Seal Arrangement, Viton(R)* (S10) or
Teflon(R)* (S11) available

Plastic Centrifugal PumpsPlastic Centrifugal Pump, Model 142

These compact high-speed centrifugal pumps are suited for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. They are particularly well suited for portable liquid cleaning machinery, laboratory use, and spray installations.

Applications Include

■ Automotive Repair
■ Road De-icing
■ Day Tanks/Fuel Transfer
■ Chemical Processing & Mixing
■ Preservative Application
■ Fuel Conditioning
■ Coolant Circulation
■ Bilge Pumps
■ Irrigation
■ And Many More!

Flexible Impeller Pumps

Impeller pumps are used mainly in grey water and black water transfer, engine cooling, baitwell, and air conditioning along with other essential functions on boats, ships, and other marine applications. Pump styles include both pedestal style or flange mounted.


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