Red Cross Blood Drive

Red Cross Blood Drive



Dorian Drake International’s Cultural Committee coordinated a blood drive to benefit The American Red Cross on Friday, March 18th, 2011. The blood drive enables the Red Cross in its ability to fulfill its mission of ensuring the availability of a safe and reliable blood supply.  Heritage Realty provided the office space at 2 Gannett Drive that made it feasible to hold the blood drive.

Members of the Cultural Committee and staff members from Dorian Drake International were among those that participated by volunteering their time, for coordination, setup, cleanup, and donating blood.  Additionally, other companies from within the building and vicinity passed by and donated blood.

Blood Drive Results:

  • 38 people signed in.
  • 24 units (pints) of blood obtained.  (This will help 72 patients)
  • 13 people were deferred from donating (due to low iron and mostly travel to specific countries)
  • 32 people were considered 1st time donors with the Red Cross

Dorian Drake International and the Cultural Committee would like to give a big THANK YOU to ALL who participated in the Blood Drive, either by donating blood (or attempting) and volunteering your time.