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Comunicado de imprensa: Optronics expande-se em mercados globais através de uma aliança estratégica com Dorian Drake

Comunicado de imprensa: Optronics expande-se em mercados globais através de uma aliança estratégica com Dorian Drake


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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Optronics expande-se em mercados globais através de uma aliança estratégica com Dorian Drake

As a major tier-one export management firm with broad in-country staffing, Dorian Drake brings over half a century of experience and vast channel infrastructure to its new relationship with Optronics.

LAS VEGAS, Nev., U.S.A. — Optronics International, America’s largest offshore vehicle lighting manufacturer, announced that it has finalized contract negotiations with export management leader, Dorian Drake International, Inc. Officials from both companies expressed excitement about the new relationship, which will enable Optronics to gain access to worldwide markets for its lighting products. The news was released at the Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week 2015 annual event in Las Vegas, Nev.

“With Dorian Drake as our channel partner, Optronics will have access to significant opportunities and diverse new revenue streams,” Brett Johnson, president and CEO of Optronics International, said. “The firm’s substantial experience in lighting, and in a variety of complimentary vertical electronics and technology markets is a perfect fit for our tactical growth aspirations.”

Dorian Drake understands the vehicle lighting business and has served other major U.S. vehicle lighting manufacturers in establishing an international foothold for their products. The company has offices and staff culturally and geographically embedded within key markets, and mature relationships with major OEMs and aftermarket players on a global scale, dating back to 1947.

“Optronics brings unsurpassed lighting design capabilities and price competitiveness to the equation,” Knut Sauer, group manager for Dorian Drake International, Inc., said. “Their design and manufacturing flexibility and expertise in both 12-volt and 24-volt lighting systems gives Optronics a natural advantage when competing with other lighting suppliers on an international stage.”

Dorian Drake’s stated mission is to build world-class international distribution for leading manufacturers in select industries. The firm will be responsible for Optronics’ sales worldwide, with the exception of the United States and Canada. Together, the companies will strive to be market leaders in vehicular safety lighting in all of the core markets in which they compete. The organizations will focus on product design, process innovation, speed-to-market and on delivering exceptional end-user value.

“Optronics has the right combination of ultra-high quality, value and the strength of being a respected American vehicle lighting brand for more than 40 years,” Sauer said.

“Dorian Drake is the right partner and is aligned with our customer-centered, can-do culture of listening and rapidly responding to customer needs with well designed and manufactured products that are realistically priced,” Johnson added.

For more information on international sales and distribution of Optronics products, please contact Dorian Drake at +1 (914) 697-9800, or visit https://www.doriandrake.com. Optronics products are available in the U.S. and Canada through its extensive distribution network of more than 12,000 convenient distribution locations. Users can access individual Optronics distributor websites by simply clicking on their logo icons.

Sobre Optronics
As America’s largest offshore vehicle lighting manufacturer, Optronics is a trustworthy, high-quality, widely available alternative to domestic lighting manufacturers and import houses. Founded in 1972, Optronics International is a premier worldwide manufacturer and supplier of branded industrial and commercial vehicular safety lighting products. The company specializes in interior and exterior LED, incandescent and fluorescent lighting for the marine, RV, trailer, HD and transit vehicle markets. The Optronics product catalog is among the most extensive in the industry. Optronics is headquartered in Tulsa, Okla., with manufacturing facilities in Annan District, Tainan, Taiwan, and Muskogee, Okla., U.S.A. The company has distribution facilities in Goshen, Ind. and Ontario, Canada. Learn more at http://www.optronicsinc.com.

Sobre Dorian Drake
Based in White Plains, N.Y. USA, Dorian Drake International is an export management company that manages sales and marketing, customer service, credit and collections, export traffic and logistics, and provides consulting services for manufacturers selling in markets outside the United States. The firm staffs stand-alone sales teams in four distinct industries: automotive products, foodservice equipment and supplies, hardware and lawn & garden products and industrial and environmental products. Learn more at: https://www.doriandrake.com.