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Pay Here at Dorian Drake website
Payments to Dorian Drake International

We developed this page to enable select Dorian Drake customers to make a credit card payment. Not all payments will be accepted, you must have approval through your sales manager and Finance team to use this functionality.

Payment Processed by MerchantE – Third Party

Dorian Drake is using a third party payment processor. Once you enter payment amount and click on the submit button, your information will be submitted to MerchantE and the website is being redirected to https://hostedpayments.merchante.com/hpp/checkout/sign-in.

Please make sure, this is the exact website you end up on.  If you see the website being redirected anywhere else, please do not log in, contact a Dorian Drake sales person or reach us through our Contact page on our website at www.doriandrake.com.

We do not plan on changing our banking information or to make any changes to the way payments are made. Therefore, if you get an email informing that the banking information has changed, call someone at Dorian Drake and speak to your sales team. Dorian Drake can not be held liable if you go to an incorrect site in the future and pay the wrong company.

Make a Payment

Please enter the amount and add any surcharges previously communicated in US dollars ($). Enter in your order or invoice number, or any comments below and click on the submit button. The website will be redirected and you will need to login or complete a guest check out.

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