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Dorian Drake Consulting


Dorian Drake Consulting’s mission is to leverage Dorian Drake International’s vast resources and more than 65 years’ experience as one of North America’s leading export management companies to provide affordable, high-value consultative services that help manufacturers profitably expand their international business.

Service Scope

Dorian Drake Consulting can help manufacturers in any number of ways, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Developing and implementing international market entry and branding strategies
  • Assessing competition, pricing, duty, tax and regulatory issues
  • Identifying and vetting prospective manufacturing joint venture partners, licensing arrangements and acquisition targets
  • Arranging export financing and credit insurance
  • Staffing and managing their own export departments

The consulting unit provides advisory services across a wide spectrum of industries, including, but not limited to, the industries in which Dorian Drake International works: automotive aftermarket, foodservice equipment and supplies, hardware and lawn & garden, and industrial and environmental.

The unit will not work with clients that compete directly with the firm’s export management clientele.


Dorian Drake Consulting operates from Dorian Drake headquarters in White Plains, NY. The division draws on the talents of experienced project managers, each of whom run their own international business consulting practice, and the experience and breadth of Dorian Drake International’s global sales force.


Development of the right strategy starts with understanding a client’s goals and available resources, determining what additional resources will be required to successfully implement the strategy, and, if outside partners are needed, identifying which firms can best satisfy those requirements. Dorian Drake does not believe in strategy for its own sake. If the “next steps” are not practical, strategy has little value. The firm’s consulting team is not satisfied until its client has the market access, manufacturing capability, technology—whatever it takes—to compete.

Fee Policy

Dorian Drake typically works with its clients using a combination of flat, daily or project rates and performance fees that enable it to share risks and rewards with its clients.

Why Dorian Drake Consulting?

Dorian Drake brings to any consulting assignment a number of capabilities:

  • Global staff of 70, including a well-trained, consultative sales force
  • Team of experienced international business consultants
  • Extensive global footprint, with headquarters in New York and regional offices in Florida, Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Asia.
  • Experience and knowledge across diverse industries
  • Focused on enterprise growth and profitability
  • More than 65 years’ experience delivering results for client manufacturers

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