McLane Reel 割草机和边缘

类别: Reel Mowers, Edgers, Lawn & Garden Equipment, and accessories
代理地区/市场: Asia Pacific, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Canada
地理位置: Bell Gardens, California, USA

Made in the USA Since 1946

Dorian Drake’s Hardware Group is the sales and marketing representative of McLane reel mowers, edgers, and lawn & garden equipment in select international markets.

​Since 1946, McLane Manufacturing. has designed and manufactured lawn and garden equipment, specifically, high-quality USA-made reel mowers. All mowers are built from raw metal to finishing touch from in their facilities located in Bell Gardens, California.

McLane offers high performance reel mowers and edgers that are innovative and long-lasting, designed to minimize work time and endure your lawn & garden tasks to deliver a great cut every time.



Self-propelled mowers that use a superior induction heat treated reel and bed-knife to produce high quality cuts.

  • Available in 20″ & 25″ engines
  • Ideally suited fir all Bermuda, St. Augustine, Zoysia and other premium turf
  • 穿透底刀,防止茅草堆积
  • 轮驱动或滚轮驱动
  • 所有车轮和卷轴上的滚珠轴承

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*Honda or Briggs & Stratton engines available for all models*

Other Reel Mower Models:




Are designed to ride on most curbs while still delivering a clean cut every time.

  • 四轮设计可轻松从磨边位置转换为修边位置
  • 单杆刀片离合器和深度控制
  • 2″ x 9″ spring steel blade
  • 带密封滚珠轴承的精密加工刀盘
  • 等等!

Download Sell Sheet & Specs

*Honda or Briggs & Stratton engines available for all models*

Interested in becoming a distributor for McLane reel mowers and edgers?

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