类别: Indoor and Outdoor Ceiling Fans, Lighting
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Hunter Fan Ceiling Fan Company.

“The One that Started It All”

Dorian Drake’s Hardware, Lawn & Garden Group is the sales and marketing representative of the Hunter brand of ceiling fans in select international markets.

In the late 1880s, John Hunter and his son James innovated a new, efficient way to cool people and launched the 亨特扇公司. Using technology of the era and skills they acquired, they transformed their manufacturing business into the very first ceiling fan manufacturer in 1886.


技术的进步帮助猎人设计了 猎人原创® 吊扇 in the early 1900s. The ceiling fan gained popularity due to its cast iron fan body, powerful motor, real wood teak blades, and oil-bath lubrication system came together for wobble-free and whisper-quiet operation.



Hunter’s best and stylish ceiling fans that come in a stunning variety of features, designs, colors and sizes.


Hunter’s designers are constantly pushing the boundaries of ceiling fan and lighting designs. All because their mission is to make every space a better place by creating beautiful, quality fixtures and an exceptional customer experience.

Model 24174Model 24179

Model 24993

*注意* Dorian Drake International sells 240V 50/60 Hz fans only.


Hunter Fan Company was born out of a desire to innovate, and they haven’t stopped innovating in the last 135 years. Hunter engineers invented testing methods that are now industry standard and designed ways to make wiring a ceiling fan easier.

乡村 – Selection of rustic ceiling fans with lights to flush-mounted models at Hunter. Add a charming feel to your room with a rustic ceiling fan from Hunter.

摩登 Keep your space current and inspired. Discover modern ceiling fans with lights, without lights, and in contemporary finishes.


Nautical – Bring a nautical vibe and a sea breeze into your home or business with the premium coastal ceiling fans at Hunter, with lights or without!

农舍 – Combine the comfort of rural living with the wow-factor of an updated design.

Make your space a better space with Hunter Fan, delivering transformative solutions that integrate effortlessly and work naturally for over 135 years!

Easy installation features, smart home technologies, and industrial HVLS (high velocity, low speed) fans — Hunter engineers and designers continue to innovate new ceiling fan technologies and designs.


照明套件 玻璃/灯罩 控件 智能家居配件
唐罗德 倾斜天花板支架 钳工 瓶盖和翅片

and more!

No matter the space, Hunter has the perfect ceiling fan for you!


Interested in becoming a distributor or want to know where to buy Hunter Ceiling Fans?

Dorian Drake International is an Export Management Company with a mission to build distribution for Hunter in select markets.

Are you a distributor looking for high-quality indoor and outdoor ceiling fans or lighting fixtures? 联系我们!


制造商的网站︰ www.HunterFan.com