Weiss Instruments


类别:工业和 环境
地理位置:Mount Clemens, Michigan, United States

制造商的压力与温度仪表及控制自 1882


Weiss Instruments has over 125 years of experience in the manufacture of specialty process and standard type pressure gauges and thermometers. Today their factory is in Mount Clemens, Michigan, United States, where the majority of their product line is made. Since 1882 the Weiss name has been synonymous with quality and reliability. Weiss Instruments pioneered and developed a complete line of quality instrumentation for the HVAC Bid & Spec, Wholesale Distribution, Refrigeration, and Food Service Industries. They offer a wide range of customized products from their factory for OEM applications. When you require instruments for temperature, humidity, or pressure monitoring, the W液体填充轨距eiss line provides a full range of outstanding products from which to choose. Weiss is committed to quality and responsive service – factors that are so necessary for today’s Thermometers

  • 液体在玻璃
  • 双金属
  • Filled systems, vapor actuated, direct mount, and remote reading
  • 数字光动力
  • LED 数字


  • 过程
  • 部分充液液体
  • 一般事务人员暖通空调
  • 横膈膜制冷
  • 数字光动力过程仪表
  • 自动喷水灭火系统 UL/FM 饮用水数字化进程pressue轨距


  • Gauge cocks, syphons, and snubbers
  • 隔膜密封
  • 测试插头和工具包

Weiss products are available to meet the requirements of NSF, UL USA and Canada, and TSSA (Canada). Weiss is affiliated with ASME, FCI (Foodservice Institute) FCSI (Foodservice Consultants Society International), and NAFEM (North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers).

有关详细信息,说话 Weiss 文书授权代表从多利安人德雷克国际。

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