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InnoSeal Hemostatic Pad represented by Dorian Drake in select Latin American Countries

Category: Hemostatic Pads, Medical Disposables, Wound Therapy
Regions/Markets Represented: Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Guyana, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, and Venezuela.

Location:Fort Lee, NJ United States


InnoSeal Hemostatic Pads – Innovations in Blood Technology

InnoSeal, a line of hemostatic pads, are designed to control bleeding wounds with patented porous, non-woven soft sponge material. InnoSeal medical products are available for export sale and distribution throughout Latin America. Dorian Drake International is the sales and marketing representative of InnoSeal wound-healing therapy products in select Latin American markets.

Medical Hemostatic Agents

InoTherapy Co., Ltd. is a bio-venture company that develops medical hemostatic agents that can be applied to living organisms. Inspired by various adhesives present in nature InnoTherapy created the InnoSeal brand. Developed as a medical biomaterial, the hemostatic adhesives can treat wounds in large and small bleeding situations and various surgical environments. InnoSEAL Hemostatic PAD products are BiMM polymer technology with biocompatibility and hemostatic ability. They solve hemostatic issues such as vascular intervention.

InnoSeal is a hemostatic pad composed of chemically modified biopolymers, which works independently from a classical coagulation pathway. It has achieved superior homeostasis in various nonclinical studies. InnoSeal accelerates hemostasis by:

  1. Formation of a stable hemostatic barrier
  2. Hemagglutination by electrostatic interaction between hemostatic material and blood components



  1. Massively porous sponge pad that absorbs bleeding
  2. Less compression time when used as an adjacent to manual compression
  3. Works independently from clothing cascade
  4. Accelerates clot formation and maintains stable clot
  5. Odorless. Easy to use, fold, or cut
  6. Non-woven soft pad conforms to all wound surfaces
  7. Easily removable



  • Apply pressure proximal to wound site
  • Place InnoSeal Hemostatic Pad to cleaned wound and apply a sterile gauze over the pad.
  • Gradually release proximal pressure to permit a small amount of blood to contact InnoSeal Hemostatic Pad
  • Apply continuous pressure over the pad while maintaining the proximal hold.
  • Slowly release proximal hold while maintaining contact over the InnoSeal Hemostatic Pad until hemostasis is achieved.
  • Once hemostasis has been confirmed, apply choice of adhesive bandage directly on the skin over the InnoSeal Hemostatic Pad.

  • After bleeding stops completely, soak InnoSeal Hemostatic Pad with water and gently remove.
  • If desired, the pad and adhesive bandage may be left in place for 24 hours.

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Would you like to become a distributor or just want to know where to buy InnoSeal medical products?

Dorian Drake International is an Export Management Company with a mission to build distribution for InnoSeal products in select markets. Dorian Drake and InnoSeal jointly intend to work closely with our distributor partners in creating demand for products in both the acute and sub-acute markets.

Are you a distributor looking for high-quality designed products for wound therapy? Are you a health professional, hospital, clinic, dealer,  or end-user trying to find InnoSeal hemostatic pads in your area? Contact Us!


Dorian Drake International is an Export Management Company with a mission to build distribution for InnoSeal medical products in the Latin American market.

Manufacturer’s website: InnosealHemostat.com