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specialty work lightRaycore Lights - specialty lighting

Category:Heavy Duty Products
Regions/Markets Represented: Worldwide, excluding Australia, Brazil, Japan, US & Canada 
Location:Logan, Utah, United States
Simple Solutions For Hard Work

Dorian Drake International is the sales and marketing representative of the Raycore Lights brand in select markets.

Raycore Lights - Specialty Work Lights Manufacturer

Founded in 2012, Raycore Lights products are proudly made in the USA, in Logan, Utah.  Raycore was formed specifically to meet the grueling demands of mining and construction machinery applications.  As the only specialty work light manufacturer to offer economical and sustainable reusable light housings, Raycore was awarded U.S. Patent 9,625,127 B2 for its innovative rugged work-light design.  Raycore lighting products are deployed in some of the world’s harshest work environments including Colombia, Brazil, Australia, and Africa.

Manufacturer Products

Raycore Lights - Specialty Work Lights Manufacturer

Raycore designs and manufactures specialty work lights to meet the extreme requirements of their mining and heavy-industry clients around the world. Toughness and simplicity are in their DNA. Each specialty work light is double-sealed, with a detachable face for color customization and lens replacement. Featuring ruggedized diode core (RDC™) technology, Raycore Lights shine bright for years and years – even in the most grueling environments and applications. Finally, lights that work as hard as you do.

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Big things come in this small package – over 4,000 lumens for only 30 watts. The versatile X4 is a workhorse with universal application. Tough as nails, it is an ideal fit for heavy machinery, underground equipment, pickups, ATVs, and portable light stands. Plug and play with 12-24V DC capability.

(THE X10)Raycore Lights - Specialty Work Lights Manufacturer

Delivers over 10,000 lumens for only 70 watts, with 12-24V DC versatility. Perfect for dozers, haul trucks, graders, pickups, and excavators. The ultimate specialty work light. Engineered to handle some serious abuse in any industry. Just one X10 outshines several competitor lights combined.

(THE X60)Raycore Lights - Specialty Work Lights Manufacturer

It’s always high-noon when the X60 is in action. The brightest no-bulb specialty work light in the world. No other work light even comes close to matching its 60,000+ lumensFeaturing a super smooth beam, with no hot or cold spots. Easy connectivity for AC* or 24V DC applications. Perfect for light plants, building exteriors, shovels, and draglines.

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Manufacturer Website: www.raycorelights.com