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Category:Hydronic Accessory Products including Flexible Connectors & Metal Bellows Expansion Joints
Regions/Markets Represented:Asia & the Pacific, and the Middle East.
Location:Woodstock, Illinois, United States


FLEX-WELD Incorporated / KEFLEX™ Manufacturing is a fully-equipped American manufacturing facility for the design and manufacture of flexible metal hoses, bellows, expansion joints, a variety of HVAC products, and other flexible engineered components.

They have been designing and fabricating HVAC products for over 50 years. Keflex products include a wide variety of material types, sizes, and configurations which are used in thousands of applications.

The Keflex™ brand is one of the most recognized names in the HVAC products industry. Its origin dates back over 100 years and is synonymous with quality and durability. They are proud to offer a wide variety of HVAC products, constructed with the same American craftsmanship and quality. Expanding on the Keflex™ tradition, Flex-Weld, Inc provides new innovative designs as engineered solutions to troublesome motion control and media conveyance applications.

HVAC Products Manufactured:

Quadra-Side High-Pressure Expansion Compensators 7Q Series  L & U & V Flex Loops
Multi-Ply 308/311 Expansion Joints  Pipe Guides
Metal Expansion Joints Condensed Capabilities  Heat Pump Hose Assemblies
Externally-Pressurized Expansion Joints Rubber Expansion Joints
Multi-Ply Stainless Steel Bellows-Type Flexible Pump Connectors Interlock Hose
Gold and Silver Series Braided Flexible Pump Connectors – Industry Standard Reducing Braided Flexible Pump Connectors
Custom Metal Hose Assemblies

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Quadra-Side High-Pressure Expansion Compensators

The heavy-duty Keflex™ 7Q Expansion Compensators are specifically designed for high-pressure service.
They are available in sizes ¾” to 4″, in both single and dual units.

Single Type Dual Type
Absorbs 2″ total movement

  • 1 ½” in compression
  • ½” in extension
Absorbs 4″ total movement

  • 3″ in compression
  • 1″ in extension

Quadra-Side High-Pressure Expansion Compensators


Externally Pressurized Expansion Joints

In a critical application, multiple expansion joints can, in most cases, preclude a catastrophic failure. If a failure occurs in one ply due to corrosion or fatigue, the intact plies will work as a protective barrier. It will contain the pressure and the medium until a replacement can be made.

 Externally-Pressurized Expansion Joints


Gold and Silver Series Braided Flexible Pump Connectors

Gold and Silver Braided Flexible Pump Connectors

The Keflex Gold Series braided flexible pump connectors are 100% American manufactured. It can
absorb pump vibration, noise and reduce piping stress. This can be due to minor misalignment and
pressure variations.  The reduction of stress on pumps and compressor housings can greatly reduce
long-term operation and maintenance cost.


L, U, and V Flex Loops

These Expansion loops allow for random and unpredictable seismic movements. Overall perfect for high-pressure systems. Flex Loops protect and increase the longevity of the piping equipment by reducing and/or eliminating stress and strain.


 L &U &V Flex Loops


Rubber Expansion Joints

Rubber Expansion Joints

Rubber expansion joints are offered from Flex-Weld, Inc. / Keflex in standard or custom designs.They have a wider array of material and configuration types for rubber expansion joints. Keflex products are designed and engineered to carry a variety of media in pressure or vacuum applications. They absorb destructive system vibration and will contract or expand in response to pipe motion induced by thermal expansion and contraction.



Multi-Ply Stainless Steel Bellows-Type Flexible Pump Connectors

Keflex Bellows-Type Pump Connectors are designed to compensate for multi-plane axial, lateral and angular movement in non-torsional applications. They are intended for use in both suction and pressure lines to absorb mechanical vibrations. These vibrations can be caused by pumps, compressors, and other pipeline equipment. Bellows-Type Pump Connectors aid in compensating for minor piping misalignment.

Multi-Ply Stainless Steel Bellows-Type Flexible Pump Connectors



Pipe Guides

Pipe Guides

Keflex products perform under the most demanding conditions and their service record is impeccable.
Keflex pipe guides are designed to ensure positive pipe alignment. This is done by restricting lateral pipe
movement while allowing for movement along the axis of the pipe.

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Manufacturer Website: http://www.flex-weld.com