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Category:OPE (Outdoor Power Equipment)
Regions/Markets Represented:Worldwide (excluding U.K., Ireland, Canada and the U.S.)
Location:Vergennes, Vermont, United States
Professional Power Done Right

Dorian Drake’s Hardware, Lawn & Garden Group is the sales and marketing representative of the DR brand of Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) in its markets.

A division of Country Home Products, Inc., DR Power Equipment manufactures a full line of professional outdoor power equipment. Featuring chippers and chipper/shredders, DR’s complete range offers professional heavy-duty, durable, performance driven products.

DR Power Equipment is dedicated to making the experience of caring for your property better. Their guiding vision is to craft innovative machines of enduring quality and uncompromising performance, each worthy of legendary status. They believe every minute spent working outdoors can be more productive, more enjoyable, and more satisfying when you have the right tools.power wagon

Based in rural Vermont, they enjoy caring for their land, and take great pride in beautifying and improving the place they call home. To help with this passion for independent country living, DR appreciates good tools that are durable, simple and useful. That’s why, since 1985, they have manufactured and sold tools that make outdoor work easier and more enjoyable. They only offer products they would use themselves, each one vigorously tested for performance and durability, described truthfully, and guaranteed to be of the best quality and value available.

DR Power Equipment grew up with the belief that if you’re going to do a job, do it right. They embody the spirit of this belief when they state “DR Professional Power Equipment, DONE RIGHT.”

This idea originated over 25 years ago with DR’s first product, the DR Trimmer Mower. Back then, their objective was to improve upon the hand-held string trimmer. But rather than focus on incremental advancements, they chose to radically improve the status quo. And that’s how they continue to operate today.

With a talented team of engineers and designers, DR is creating unique machines of lasting value and unequaled performance. They continue to be driven by innovation, with a passion for high-quality design. And like you, they have no use for ordinary products…so they are doing what it takes to be better.

Manufacturer Products/ Equipment
  • Backhoes
  • Chainsaws
  • Chippers
  • Chipper/shredders
  • Field & Brush mowers
  • Haulers
  • Power graders
  • Lawn Aerators
  • Lawn Mowers
  • Log Splitters
  • Leaf & Lawn Vacuums
  • Power Graders
  • Snow Blowers
  • Stump Grinders
  • Tree Chopper
  • Trimmer Mowers
  • Accessories

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Backhoe Series

The 9 HP DR Towable Backhoe has power to spare for trenching, landscaping, stump removal, heavy lifting and more. Designed especially for the most demanding digging tasks, this machine is self-powered with its own hydraulic system, so there’s no fussing with a 3-point hitch or hydraulic connections.

Versatile design allows you to attach the machine to your truck, ATV, UTV, or tractor and tow to virtually any location at up to 45 mph. Plus, use it freestanding for maximum maneuverability, or while attached to your towing vehicle for even better torque. The wide stance stabilizer system provides a solid anchorage to the ground, and the unique foot design allows for easy repositioning. With a high-performance Subaru engine, it’s designed for the most intimidating tasks.

42” Lawn Mower

Cuts a clean, even, 42″-wide swath and mows a half-acre lawn in about 30 minutes. Front caster wheels swivel for fast, tight turns. Deck is made of 12-gauge steel with 2 high-lift mulching blades. Easily converts from side-discharge to mulching. Also allows height adjustment from 2″ to 4-1/2″.

Chipper Series

Just start the engine to engage the 18-pound flywheel. The heavy flywheel spins with tremendous inertia for smooth chipping. The single chipping knife takes up to 40 bites per second for quickly devouring tough, hardwood branches. Now you can rid your property of unsightly brush piles.

With a DR® Rapid-Feed™ Chipper or Chipper Shredder you can chip hardwood or softwood branches up to 5 ½” thick (depending on the model). That’s 2-3 inches more than most department store chippers can handle. Chip small trees and saplings whole with little or no trimming. Drop whole armfuls of small branches into the hopper at once. Brush and branches go in – clean, useful woodchip mulch comes out.

Snow Throwersnow and brush mower

Throw snow off long driveways and walkways with our single-stage, 30″-wide Snow Thrower attachment. The powerful auger quickly chews through dry or wet snow, and towering snowdrifts. Throws snow up to 30 feet and has adjustable skid shoes.

Grader/Snow Blade

Mount this 42″-wide Blade to spread and level loose gravel, topsoil, sand and more (Not for use moving packed material). Made of 11-gauge steel for strength, it works great in snow, too.

Leaf & Lawn Vacuum

With the DR Leaf & Lawn Vacuum you can reduce an annual chore that used to take days down to mere hours. The inlet hose on the Leaf and Lawn Vacuum attaches to the discharge chute of your riding mower’s deck. A massive impeller creates an 85 mph suction force that instantly cleans your lawn of leaves, grass clippings, pine needles and other yard debris. The debris is then chopped into a fine mulch (up to 1/10th its original volume!) and deposited into a hopper that’s easy to dump when your work is done.

Lawn Aeratorlawn aerator

Aerate your lawn in fall and spring for a greener, hardier lawn! The self-propelled DR® Lawn Aerator pulls 2″-3″ plugs of turf, thatch, and soil at four-inch intervals as it travels across your lawn. It’s easy to handle and navigates right around trees and obstacles. The holes left behind reduce soil compaction and allow for better absorption of water, fertilizer and nutrients. The result: a healthy root system that produces beautiful, robust grass.

Log Splitter

Slice through logs in just one second! The new DR® RapidFire™ Log Splitter slices through logs up to six times faster than ordinary log splitters. The key is rugged and proven industrial technology repurposed for the task of splitting wood. The DR® RapidFire™ Splitter replaces hydraulics with two massive cast iron flywheels and a rack and pinion system that delivers tremendous splitting power. Now you can split dense hardwood logs up to 30″ in diameter in record time—knotty pieces too. Split up to one cord in one hour…cord after cord, season after season.log splitter

Brush Mowers

It’s narrow enough to take into the woods, but wide enough to yield a cut of up to 30″. Wide tires smooth out bumpy terrain and dig in when the going gets rough. High-torque engines provide the power to take out anything that grows — even if it’s 3″ thick. A selection of easy-on/easy-off powered attachments lets you do more, all year round. So clear a trail, take back a meadow, or thin an overgrown woodlot. With a self-propelled DR® Field and Brush Mower, the ways to improve your property are endless.

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Download Catalog - Dorian Drake International website

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