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Regions/Markets Represented:Worldwide except  USA & Canada
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Dorian Drake International is pleased to represent, Mile Marker, a line of unique, high quality and highly durable products for off-road vehicles. Mile Marker designs and manufactures products including locking hubs, conversion kits, electric winches and their legendary hydraulic winch system.

This winch is powered by the power steering pump, allowing uninterrupted pulls for hours on end and operating in all climatic conditions. Mile Marker has products to be used in the automotive aftermarket and OEM sectors.

Mile Marker is well established and highly regarded in the automotive aftermarket and OEM sectors. The company has the only patented hydraulic winch approved by the US Military and has provided products to off-road vehicle, 4×4 and powersport enthusiasts for more than 30 years. Mile Marker products are sold through distributors, major retailers, 4×4 specialty dealers, and online retailers.

Manufacturer Products/Equipment

Electric Winches
Hydraulic Winches
ATV/UTV Winches
Recovery Gear
Winch Accessories
Winch Mounts


Market Applications

Marine Lighting
Law Enforcement
Fire and Rescue
Utility Lighting
Industrial Lighting
Recreational Vehicles
Military Lighting
Outdoor Sports
Agriculture Production
Automotive Lighting



Benefits of a Mile Marker Hydraulic Winch

  1. True Continuous Duty Cycle – The Mile Marker hydraulic winches can be used continuously under load without a rest period.  This is a 100% duty cycle!
  2. No Battery Drain – Using the Mile Marker hydraulic winches under load, the vehicle’s battery is not affected or drained.  The battery would be negatively affected by an electric winch.
  3. Low Maintenance – Our hydraulic winches are designed to be reliable with very little required maintenance and in any temperature.
  4. Powerful towing capacities!
  5. Waterproof, mud proof, snow proof!  – IP68 rated.


There are 2 primary families of hydraulic winches.  The “H Series” and “HI Series”

H Series 

  • H9000, H10500, H12000 & H18000 models (9,000 lbs., 10,500 lbs., 12,000 lbs. and 18,000 lb. capacities)
  • 2 Speed Design
  • Corrosion Free Design
  • 100 Feet of Steel Cable
  • Mountable in Front or Rear of Vehicle
  • Permanent or Temporary Mounting
  • Solenoid Control Box can be Mounted in Different Positions for Flexibility
  • Requires an additional vehicle specific adaptor kit to install and Control.


HI Series

  • HI9000, HI10500 & HI12000 models (9,000 lbs., 10,500 lbs., and 12,000 lbs. capacities)
  • 2 Speed Design
  • Corrosion
  • 100 Feet of Steel Cable
  • Mountable in Front or Rear of Vehicle
  • Permanent Mounting
  • Solenoid Control Box is Integrated into Winch Body.
  • Requires an additional vehicle specific adaptor kit. Includes Control.


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Dorian Drake International is the exclusive sales and marketing representative of Mile Marker products. Dorian Drake International markets Mile Marker products with the goal of increasing brand recognition and establishing distribution outside the United States and Canada.

For the territories Dorian Drake International represents, we offer Mile Marker’s products through dealers and distributors located in your market.

Would you like to become a distributor or just want to know where to buy Mile Marker products?

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