Dorian Drake International is a proud representative of the Turtle Wax ® Pro line

Turtle Wax Pro Premium Car Care Products

Turtle Wax ® Pro
Category:Chemical & Appearance Products
Regions/Markets Represented: Middle East (except Turkey, Cyprus, and Yemen); Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Palestine,  Tunisia, Italy, Afghanistan, and Pakistan


Turtle Wax ® Pro Line Products are Leading the Way in Car Care

Dorian Drake’s Automotive Group is proud to be the sales and marketing representative of the Turtle Wax® Pro line in its markets. The Turtle Wax® Pro brand is built on the strength of the consumer brand, Turtle Wax®.

For over a half-century, Turtle Wax® has been the leader in the automotive car care markets. Now Turtle Wax® Pro offers a premium line of high-quality car care products for professionals. These products are specifically made for distributors and professional end-users in the following four market segments:

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The Turtle Wax® Pro line of premium car care products represent the different tailored solutions for each market, backed by the brand everyone trusts. These solutions include premium compound polishing, ceramic paint protection, car wash, and valeting products.

Turtle Wax® Pro will bring car care professionals products which not only meet the needs of their business, but exceed their customer’s expectations.

Turtle Wax ® Pro Line of Premium Care Care Products

Turtle Wax Pro_Ultimotive - Car Image_Compound Polishing  Turtle Wax Pro_Ultimotive - Car Image_Ceramic Paint Protection  Turtle Wax Pro_Ultimotive - Car Image_Car Wash  Turtle Wax Pro_Ultimotive - Car Image_Valeting products
Turtle Wax® Pro Compound and Polishing system have abrasion to guarantee a short polishing process. This innovation in materials delivers a brilliant lustre without any micro scratches, haze or holograms.

All the compounds contain the newest technology with silicone, chalk and filler free and a water-based formula.

A line of specialist products used for professional application only.

The solutions included in this line are:

• Ceramic Paint Protection

• Synthetic Paint Protection

• Tyre Gloss 2 Stage System

• Leather Total System

 Turtle Wax® Pro has helped many car wash operators increase sales, improve operations, and provide consistently clean cars.

These Car Wash products provide the best solution for all types of washes including:

• Conveyor Wash

• Jet Wash

• Rollover Wash

• Hand Wash

Turtle Wax® Pro’s line of Valeting and Detailing products were engineered for any professional detailing service, as well as, exterior only or full service car washes.

These high performance chemicals provide professional detail services ranging from interior shampooing to polishing and waxing of any vehicle’s painted surfaces.

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